Planetary/Universal Ascension is now underway into the Equinox Full Moon

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Planetary/Universal Ascension is now

underway into the Equinox Full Moon


The ascension of the planetary/universal life system is now underway as we approach the Equinox Full Moon. This is the expected great time of uplifting and unifying that will begin the New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Destiny.


Equinox and Becoming the Solar Flash

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The anticipated positive photonic-encoded plasma waves have arrived. These are Divine light influxes and outpourings which support a new level of Christ consciousness. This is cosmic-level support for our Embodiment, as well as a New Earth Grid amplifier. Because this is Crystalline DNA related, it is a collective activation for both the Ascension-bound and Gaia herself.

Embodiers are having bliss/ecstatic experiences as these influxes intensify. This is a soft, peaceful and joyful sensation of merging with Source. The New Earth crystalline grids flow with the amplification of inner earth/ancient structures. Get out with your gate crystals; your blissy crystalline DNA is just the tonic Gaia needs for Equinox.


Preparation for Equinox

A Divine synchronization of Gateways is upon us. The second wave is already in progress. Let us remember this prepares us for a profound self-realization activation at the end of April (during our event weekend … joyful to be in good company!) Yes, we feel the Divinity unfolding already … our Higher levels are taking over the reigns. It just gets better and better.


Equinox is on Wednesday, March 20 at 2:58pm PDT. Equinox is a key moment because of its balancing qualities. We also have a rare Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT) which will make it a very powerful moment for balance and rewriting realities. Use this passage well.

As a new solar cycle begins at Equinox, the fresh revelation and renewal energies amplify. This Embodiment passage calls forth a brand new way of being in the body. A higher level of spirit, completely integrated, unique and creative expression of Source. We stabilize the newly migrated organic timelines and ascended realities with Equinox (call this forth, beloveds). Equilibrium as the cosmic heart emerges through us, Gaia, our SUN and the Stargates. A Divine synchronization; as above, so below. As within, so without.

The Association of the Creator Avatar Race and the Arcturians

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The Association of the Creator Avatar Race and the Arcturians



The Arcturians are the most advanced starbeings of this galactic sector, and are the most important members of the local starnations that are assisting with the evolution of this planet and its inhabitants.


The Arcturians are now in association with the Creator Avatar Race to introduce the New Earth and New EarthStarNation Original Living Creation and Civilization.


Some of the Arcturians are already present in their Lightships and their Lightbodies in some areas of the planet such as Sedona and Mount Shasta.


The Equinox and Full Moon is the opening of the most advanced dimensions yet to allow for the Creator Avatar Planetary/Universal Destiny to become the ongoing and the ever increasing planetary/universal living creation and civilization.