Pleiadian Messages

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All will reach the point where they wish to be in this moment, the now moment. A great leap in consciousness is the moment when an individual chooses to begin considering the collective over the individual needs for the betterment of the society as a whole, rather than his or her needs for personal betterment. Switching perspective from ‘I need this’ to ‘We need to do this to further our advancement’ is the key. You are one. No one’s life improves or advances without everyone’s life improving and advancing. Look at it this way. You begin to earn more money at the expense of others. You buy beautiful things to make your house a home, to make the interior of your home more comfortable and beautiful. Then you walk out of your front door into a war zone, because a balance was not maintained. One benefited at the expense of another. Your society is made up in the same manner. It needs to maintain a harmonious balance in which all prosper in order for it to continually maintain this level of prosperity, or imbalances will begin to rock the boat, so to speak. You are all experiencing this ‘rocking’ at this moment in your collective journey. Your ship has taken on so much water it is now crucial to stop your forward progression for a moment and bail the water out of your boat. This is being done in the form of the collapse of your entire worldwide monetary system. The privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Board of the United States, along with the privately owned World Bank must now cease to operate and turn over all powers of your financial system to a new and honest form of economic exchange. This act will only begin to right your ship, but will be a watershed event in the history of your planet. Many events will quickly follow, leading to a miraculous change in direction for your society as a whole. A return for you to a golden age utopia is our intention, and all the pieces are in place to begin to fall like dominos that have been strategically set all across your beautiful little planet. We, the Galactic Federation fleet, have had tougher assignments, but not many that were more challenging. This assignment has called for an immense cooperation with many Earth allies spread throughout many different institutions of finance, military, governments, intelligence agencies, even through the ranks of some of your planet’s secret societies. The assistance of these service to others men and woman has been incalculable. In the end, all who have assisted in this tremendous endeavor to return your planet to a world of love and light, peace and prosperity, will be revealed if they so wish. All who have denied you for as long as they could your universal rights of freedom and prosperity will also be revealed, whether they like it or not. Such is their karma, the path they have chosen to experience your collective journey through the halls of duality, a long and hard journey that has made you all better for the experience. Hold fast now to all your convictions. All your collective efforts to raise your world back up into the light are moments away from paying off in a most awe inspiring way. You have only experienced moments like these in a dream, and now all your dreams are about to come true. Keep this thought in your mind as events unfold before you. It is required that many hold their heads and remain fearless to balance the collective consciousness as there will be many who allow fear to consume them during these challenging moments ahead. You all have chosen to be here at this most wonderful time, and many of you now understand this clearly and feel blessed to be invited to this spectacular unveiling. Remain as calm and composed as you can. Lead by example and demonstrate to the others that there is no reason to fear. All has been decreed by the creator to return your world to its rightful place as a gem of the higher dimensions. You are a jewel in the crown which is your beautiful blue planet, your majestic place in the heavens of the higher realms is waiting for you. Your moment is just ticks of a clock away. Prepare now and expect great things. The heavens have promised you a return of your once glory, and it is this that will not be denied you. Get ready, your show is about to begin. Hold on to your seats. We promise you an amazing ride. See you so very soon.

We are your Star Family.

As channeled through Greg Giles