To poets, angels, saints and survivors !

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Heart of a Clown

By Glynn

As I sift through the sawdust of my own mind

There are places I still search for yet to find

Whenever the circus trains would travel through our town

I would always ask or sometimes plea, "But where are the clowns?"

Middle-aged men garnished to a ghoul grey white

The children's laughter is tarnished ~ some turn away in fright

Rosy red lips rouged to an upside-down frown

Once more I plea, could you tell where are the clowns?

Some months ago I met this child in the early hours of the morn

She made me laugh then smiled ~ I knew then how a clown's heart was born

It's not what's in the clothes or costume or how you play the part

It's the affection we give one another with the gold that's in our heart.

* * *

love and light at work Nanaimo General Hospital

As I scribe, I am beginning to understand that words are gifts of love and that everyone of us has something to say. Thank you Glynn for sharing your poem with us, for giving it so freely when I know so much has been taken from you. 

To the beautiful girl named Kim who I met yesterday while you were in your car grieving the loss of someone you just lost. What I felt pouring from you, above and beyond your pain, was pure love. It emanated through you and into me and I will never forget how freely you gave all you had at that very moment, how you opened your door without seeing who was knocking ... how you surrender so completely and without fear to love and light! We talked briefly about death as not being death, and you already knew this. So please remember that you are absolutely not alone ... that there are so many truths about to be uncovered that we can only begin to imagine. We are going to be in a beautiful and wonderous place as we rise together in love and light. There is so much love for you here. Your Love has never left you ~ He wraps a warm blanket around you every moment.

To the lady angel who I found outside my car yesterday in the Howard Johnson parking lot: I watched you quietly as you picked up my crystal angel pin that had follow off my car visor and tried to place it back on the car top where I would find it. You are beautiful and true, and your gesture of trust and faith has more impact than I can ever explain with words. The pin is forever yours now until the time comes for another angel to claim it. I love you. Thank you.

Tiffany's orbs

To Tiffany, I am going to come by and see you today and show you the photo of the orb that covers your body. Maybe you will agree that we can post it right here above these words. But that's not the real point. You are going in a beautiful place ~ the colours say it so. Thank you for being so strong in the midst of an illness trying to claim you. As the doctors are seeing, a miracle is happening in you right now. revised note: thank you for your light amidst so much darkness ~ this is the first people orb I have seen and photographed. You lift us all !

To the residents at Nanaimo Serenity Lodge who are watching out for me as I walk Rudy, thank you for guiding me to safe places. Thank you for the treats and love you give him everyday. Soon, we will have more conversations. Your stories are about incredible courage amidst the darkest of actions by humans who are still in various stages of sleep and unaware of the light they hold within them. Forgiveness is key now despite the injustices that have been done to each of you. But then, you already know that. You imbue forgiveness and love.

To my Love Brian, brother Dan, and heart-daughter Laura, thank you for preparing our garden at home and looking after everything while I am away. I love you all so much and soon I will be home with Grandpa beside me.

To my Father, it's another beautiful day and I am enroute to you now. Thank you for the cozy nest of a home. You were sick and alone for days, yet you continued to clean your home and share everything you had with others. I love your poetry that adorn your walls and your little notes and stuffed animals sharing the gentleness and important details of love, life and light. Your place is warm and safe, and I am so glad to be here. Aunt Doreen says to tell you that you are the bionic man! lol! Thank you. We are so blessed ~ Dawn