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PEACE.  It’s on a lot of minds these days.  I have put off writing this because I know it will be controversial, but as Oprah has her ‘What I Know For Sure’ page in her magazine, this is what I know for sure.

I know that the only way we will have peace in the world is by love and acceptance.  Simple, yet the hardest thing on the planet to accomplish.  Yes, it’s easy if you are loving babies, children, the sick and old people.  Not so easy if you must love the ISIS fiend who is beheading innocent people.  Give that a run around your brain.  What did she just say?  I should love that m………. f………. that is cutting off heads? Yes.  And there’s the rub.

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5th Dimension 101

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Well I experienced the 5th dimension and above (I'll explain below) a couple of times now and since I go in and out within this dimension at different events in the years I can see how I'm not ready yet to be there all the time. It's hard when your not following in the good feed and sometimes it is hard to find it and get on it. Clearings and such is important to get all the necessary experience to be able to manage when where up in the fifth dimension since others around may not be at the same construct or vibrational patterning from where you have grown to, they can cause casualty's in the space that you hold or are at and it takes a lot of practice to be able to stay in the higher constructs when things don't always go right and bring about challenges. A difference between a 5th dimensional user will see more options accordingly to what is to be solved... take in note your awareness will be greater than the average persons, it will be more lighter=more senses=open than dense=closed=brick wall. While the lower density or ego (Which have levels to how your ego is formed and operates the lower denser levels are the ones we have the most problems with while the lighter ones are the ones ascending or learning to go in process) so the denser ego may as well defend for his own security of whom he is and what he has... beliefs.... Beliefs which are the most dangerous things to mankind and evolution in my book. That's why I always say they can be constructive or de-constructive I'll give you an example; "what I know is not a belief, it is what I know and It is truth," now another being can read/hear/watch what I have written and he can form a belief around that thus he creates a belief, that example of the belief, he would say; (he doesn't know what he's talking about he's confused.) That's an example of a De-constructive belief (there are no limits to what beliefs you can create...


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I believe certain popular films and music make their way into our consciousness to awaken us or shift us.  I have seen this over decades and see it right now with the song Let It Go from the most popular animated film ever, Frozen.  The song is so popular, it’s being sung in 25 languages by artists around the world.  The universe, God, source is not asking us, it’s telling us to let go.  To let go of the past, whatever anger, resentment, guilt, doubt and sadness we are carrying in our so very heavy personal baggage.  LET IT GO.  Such a perfect message.  We have shifted into a higher dimension, energy and frequency.  We need to let go of the dross, the density and move to a higher vibration of love and light and we will find a new way of being.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SEE MORE.........

Mother Mary: You Are As Big As The Multiverses, As Illuminated As The Stars – As Channeled by Fran Zepeda – September 8, 2013

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Mother Mary:

My dear ones, the peace in your hearts is palpable and growing, as you progress through your ascension process and your opening of your beautiful hearts for yourselves and all mankind. It is a beautiful sight to see and I stand before you to tell you that you are so loved and cherished.

You are learning to love and cherish yourselves on an even greater level and magnitude, dear ones, and for that and from that you will see much expansion. For it indeed does start with yourselves. Oneness begins from there. Peace begins from there. Expansion begins from there, and from there, all else is affected and nourished on out to infinity.

My dear ones, you have come so far. Your progress is measured in the quantity and quality of Love and Light that you hold in your Hearts, and by now you have an inkling of the expansion and magnitude of it. You are as big as the universe and as illuminated as the stars and so you can feel the potential of You, the potential of how far-reaching your energy is and can be.

Allow your energy now to expand as big as the universe, even the multiverses, and as bright as the stars. For you are all stars, and in your stellar nature, you possess so much potential for love and growth as you encompass your original blueprint of Divinity.

My dear ones, herald the coming of your magnificent stature in the coming days. Allow yourselves to be as big in your energy as you can muster. For the time is nigh to quit denying your essential nature and your essential potential.

To poets, angels, saints and survivors !

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Heart of a Clown

By Glynn

As I sift through the sawdust of my own mind

There are places I still search for yet to find

Whenever the circus trains would travel through our town

I would always ask or sometimes plea, "But where are the clowns?"

Middle-aged men garnished to a ghoul grey white

The children's laughter is tarnished ~ some turn away in fright

Rosy red lips rouged to an upside-down frown

Once more I plea, could you tell where are the clowns?

Some months ago I met this child in the early hours of the morn

She made me laugh then smiled ~ I knew then how a clown's heart was born

It's not what's in the clothes or costume or how you play the part

It's the affection we give one another with the gold that's in our heart.

* * *

We Are Indeed Oneness in Love and Awareness in Light....When We Awaken. (^_^)

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Our Oneness Within is the Love and Light Center of our ascension.


This is the place where we feel Love, in our heart center. The world is aglow with the rays of awareness spreading like wildfires around the globe. We are gathering and beginning the new change that has been heralded, and Our Brothers and Sisters from afar are here helping with so very much. I only hope that our Songs of Joy and Celebration will fill their hearts as much as we will feel filled to overflowing from our own. Indeed, in the Oneness all will share this in Abundance.


Love is the beginning of our lives, where we feel it from the one who cradles us in the security of their arms and gentle whispers. Love is the embrace of a special pet , each time multiplied and repeated throughout their presence with us. So many times Love is gifted and given and shared in so many ways, as to express each difference and variety. Sometimes Love is stolen, or taken, or unregistered, or controlled in this 3D place.


However, Within... Love is concentrated in a wonderful Light, shimmering, brilliant, warm, and incredibly, incredibly immense. It is inside of You, shared and One with Everyone and Everything else the imagination can attempt and beyond. It is Home and Transport, and School. Love by its very definition Loves...

Love Loves....

Love Loves...

university vaccine winner questioned by lightworker!

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Let's begin with this ~  There is so much love and respect for lead researchers and all researchers impacted by the quest for advancements in the health of humankind - including the believed and indoctrinated intentions of vaccinations. The story of vaccines is enormous - and so many involved had and continue to have very beautiful intentions. Thank you for this. You are brave and the strongest of the strong ! 

This story affects each of us personally in ways we may not be able to understand right now - and it will reach many people - especially those  working for the good of humanity and under the oil-sponsored guise of life-enriching research. By oil-sponsored, I mean those accepting money through corporations who are drilling into our Mother Earth, puncturing her lungs and causing her to shake and gasp for breath !


To our researchers sponsored by these corporations and working with the very best of intentions and in the highest of light, we don't doubt this and there is infinite love for you here!! But our work now is to help the truth unfold so that we can make a path for the light - only the light! 

WE, right now and together, simply proclaim this:

"WE - student, researcher, professor, dedicated assistant, grad student, department chair, chancellor, dean,  alumnus, parent - WILL NOT - WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT ! ACCEPT ANOTHER CENT  from any single person or corporation who hurts our Mother Earth!  But we will, as of this very moment, accept all donations in the name of higher learning that enrich Mother Earth and attest to true curriculum ... all truths. Thank you.

WE are strong in this and we are ONE.

Thank you.

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