~ Prepare for More Intensity~

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Greetings Love Beings, We have had a Wild and Intense 48 Hours with More Whammy's Ahead of US. Today, we will have 2 X Class Solar Flares which collided in space from 2 different Days, WHAT? LOL How does that occur!!! So Prepare for More Intensity! You can Join us Live today In these Wild Energies as We Discuss what is really Happening On Planet Earth=Heart beginning at 10:30am Pacific at this Link:  http://tinychat.com/galacticpress See You There

Topics of Discussion ~ 11~11 Gateway Success and Energies

11~13 Astrological Event

Current Symptoms you may Be Experiencing and Tips to Assist

The Sun is in Its reversal People flipping in and flipping out Double X Class Flare to Hit the Planet Today

 Unity Project Going beyond the Lightworker Community and why

The Step Down Transformers and How We Got here

Fairies, Elves are they REAL?

Sheldan Nidles Latest Post

Lauren C Gorgo and The Emergergence

Are You Losing your Mind~ Dana

Changes and the Whammy Energies Bombardment

Disclosure Explosion

Earth Changes, Typhoons  and So Much More!

Please Feel Free to Bring any questions or topics of discussion

See Everyone there, Love The Earth Allies

Beam Me Up!!!!! YEEHAW!

Table of Contents

~ Whats Really Going On, On Planet Earth=Heart? Deep Changes


See You there Live at 10:30am Pacific at this Link: All Are Welcome!!!!  http://tinychat.com/galacticpress


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~ A Message from The Earth Allies~ The Higher Understandings









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Welcome home


It used to be sometimes, now it is all the time. The love I feel for every inch of a persons being, every animal, every insect...in short, everything. It bowls me over completely. I have seen you all so beautifully going about your days and I dearly love you. Now giving up the I, I stand as we. We all have music going with us. Your songs are sometimes so gentle that you are so faint and just glide along. Then, as an orchestra, you move with such ferocity. Your brilliance is quite evident. Some may not be aware of this, but it is so magnificent. Consider yourselves a marvel and you are a marvel. Everywhere you go you enhance. We are shaking it up and holding hands. The word "light" think on this....everything is simple.


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~ Space Weather Update~ WAITING FOR THE NEXT FLARE


WHAT WENT WRONG ON MARS? Mars was once on track to become a thriving Earth-like planet, yet today it is an apparently lifeless wasteland. A NASA spacecraft named MAVEN will soon journey to Mars to find out what went wrong on the Red Planet. Get the full story and a video from Science@NASA.

WAITING FOR THE NEXT FLARE: Solar activity has been low for 24+ hours, but the forecast calls for flares. Two large, complex sunspots are transiting the Earthside of the sun with mixed-polarity magnetic fields that harbor energy for strong eruptions. The next big flare will probably come from one of these two circled regions:


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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goochild -- November 13, 2013





The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild



Blossom June 6, 2012 


November 13, 2013



Blossom: I had planned to chat with you tomorrow yet the house is quiet for a few hours, so hoping we can chat now. Are you about knowing this is a sudden decision?



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~ Tazjima ~ White Cloud: The Circle of Life


white_cloudWhite Cloud: The Circle of Life, channeled through Tazjima, November 11, 2013 at bluedragonjournal.com

Our scribe has traveled far, exploring the inner reaches of her Native American spirit. Ah, you would say, there is not a drop of Native American in her veins.


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 by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
“Greetings Dear Ones, We are the High Council of Orion.
 The energy of change abounds on your planet right now. Some of you are experiencing dramatic change on many levels in your life. Some of you are feeling unsettled about the change for you feel it and life feels uncertain. Yet the evidence of it might not have impacted your life at this point in time. There are many others on your planet who are not aware of any changes happening and that is all perfectly fine.


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~The Light Way to Relationships by Stefanie Miller~




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~ Marc Gamma ~ Archangel Michael: Change that you want so much has attained you now - 13 November


My beloved humans, this is again I, Archangel Michael speaking after another week has elapsed with many changes all over the world.

As easily to be ascertained by you – many human people here on earth have noticed that life cannot go on in the very same way as has been led until now. The number of people increases steadily who do not want to tolerate any longer prevailing conditions of life and therefore they demand some change to be effected. Still, demanding change only will not have the desired effects – all change may only become manifested and turned into reality if first you will become part of such change yourselves.



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~Tom Kenyon ~ A Hathor Planetary Message – Cognitive And Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes


Note: This message deals with specific challenges that are taking place in relationship to Chaotic Nodes. According to the Hathors, a Chaotic Node occurs when chaotic events in multiple and seemingly unrelated areas of the cosmos (including Earth) interact with each other, which in turn generates more chaotic events.  As a Chaotic Node increases in strength, many areas of our Earthly existence are affected.


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~Dana Mrkich ~ Feel Like You’re Losing Your Mind? – 13 November 2013


Dana Colour Pic NewA common comment that comes through whenever we have surges of intense energy washing over us is “I feel like I’m losing my mind!” Well, in a sense we are. We are losing the ‘driver’ role that our mind had, and we are allowing our Heart and Soul to get behind the wheel. This can leave us feeling very vulnerable, with nowhere to hide what we are truly feeling, needing, wanting and doing. We can’t hide it from ourselves and we can’t hide it from others. This can feel very overwhelming and daunting, especially for a society who has been taught in direct and indirect ways to repress truth on multiple levels: personal, emotional, spiritual, social and political.


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Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: Accessing the Love Energy in the Metatron Cube


Metatron CubeThe energy of love is located in the heart of the Metatron Cube held within Hollow Earth.  All the beautiful beings of Mu hold the love energy that is located within Hollow Earth.  It is also within Hollow Earth where the Divine blue print is held for Mother Earth.  Mu was a civilization that existed before Lemuria.


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The Day After Infamy ~ The Birth of Modern Ufology?


Saturday Night Uforia - November, 2013

Pearl Harbor B-17

An American plane just after Pearl Harbor.


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The Oracle Report for Wednesday, November 13, 2013


By: Oraclereport.com, 11/13/2013

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action, expression


Moon: Aries


Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala



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Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History is Wrong


Waking Times, By: Debbie West, 11/12/2013

Flickr-Bosnian Pyramids-Cabiria8


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UFOs – What does the President Know?


White House UFO - 10/08/13, Grant Cameron

Cheney - "If I had been briefed on it, it would probably be
classified and I wouldn't talk about it."



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Word Games are Misleading the American Public About Fracking


Waking Times, By: Sky Truth, 11/12/2013



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~ Blossom Goodchild ~ The Galactic Federation of Light - 13 November


I had planned to chat with you tomorrow yet the house is quiet for a few hours, so hoping we can chat now. Are you about knowing this is a sudden decision?

Indeed ... and IN DEED we come offering words of assistance to guide you through.

Presuming you mean 'guide us through' the next phase of this planets evolution?



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The Latest on Deaths, Damage in Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan


By: Wunderground.com, 11/13/2013

Here are the latest casualty figures and damage reports from the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. All figures are preliminary and based on national and regional government officials and media reports.



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Frosts, rain damage vineyards, crops across southern NSW


ABC, By: Adrienne Francis, 11/13/2013

Extreme frosts and heavy rain have caused widespread damage to vineyards and grain crops across the Canberra region and southern New South Wales. A survey of grape growers found two-thirds suffered frost damage to their vines last month. Two of those had 22 acres affected, equating to an estimated $500,000 in lost wine sales to each vineyard.



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Seasons turn for eastern Australia


Weatherzone, By: Max Gonzalez, 11/13/2013

After months of very dry weather, rainfall is finally on the cards for eastern QLD and eastern NSW, bringing the heaviest rains since last summer. Even though April to September are the driest months for areas east of the divide, the past six months have been exceptionally dry for areas extending from Newcastle to Cairns.



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Texas Frackers Sue Victim of Their Water Pollution for $3 Million for Exposing Them

Video Link


By: Fishoutofwater, 11/08/2013


Fracking outfit Range Resources slapped Texas homeowner Steve Lipsky with a $3 million defamation suit to bully him into silence about his polluted water but Lipsky is fighting back. Lipsky is a wealthy man, not used to being bullied, but the frackers think they can use their control of the state of Texas to bulldoze him. They have bought off the Texas Railroad Commission that supposedly regulates fracking in Texas, and intimidated the USEPA into inaction so they don't intend to let minor matters like safe drinking water, private property rights and the first Amendment get in the way of their pursuit of profits.



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Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out About GMO Dangers


Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 11/10/2013

As mounting evidence shows genetically modified foods have dangerous health and environmental repercussions, the number of scientists willing to step forward and speak out against them is similarly growing. Dr. Thierry Vrain is just the latest of many scientists to buck Monsanto and their hired goons, changing his stance on GMOs and shouting their dangers to anyone that will listen.



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GMOs are NOT Safe: Scientists Signing on to GMO Dangers by the Hundreds


Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 11/13/2013


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Mystery Monday: Pilot Dies In Pursuit Of UFO



Lex18.com - 11/11/13



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4 Harmful Things Hiding in Your Meat


Natural Society, By: Elizabeth Renter, 11/13/2013

meat questionable 263x164 4 Harmful Things Hiding in Your Meat


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4MIN News November 13, 2013: SOTC Report, ISON, Solar Magnetic Flux

Video Link


Published on Nov 13, 2013


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Andrew Huszar: Confessions of a Quantitative Easer



The Wall Street Journal - 11/11/13, Andrew Huszar



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300 feared dead in northeast Somalia storm, floods


Presstv.com - 13 November 2013

Picture released on November 12, 2013 by the African Union information services shows an aerial view of flooding in and around Jowhar town on November 12, 2013.

Picture released on November 12, 2013 by the African Union information services shows an aerial view of flooding in and around Jowhar town on November 12, 2013.


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Powerful solar flares herald flip in sun’s magnetic field



Source: Red Ice Creations - 11/12/13, Scott Sutherland



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ABC News: US Soldiers Being Killed by Terror Groups Backed With US Money



ABC News - 11/11/13, by Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz,
and Megan Chuchmach




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Students try to blockade Bulgaria's parliament, five detained



Reuters - 11/12/13

Protesters try to block a police vehicle during a demonstration near the parliament in central Sofia November 12, 2013. REUTERS-Stoyan Nenov


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The People’s Voice Five-Hour Special Now Playing And Repeating Until We Go To Air Permanently



Source: DavidIcke.com - 11/12/13, by David Icke

The reaction has been fantastic and thanks for all your kind comments and good wishes.



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Elizabeth Warren: 'Too Big To Fail' Is Worse Than Before Financial Crisis



Huffington Post - 11/12/13, Luke Johnson



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SHELDAN NIDLE’S UPDATE~ Numerous events are merging



2 Cimi, 9 Xul, 10 Caban ~ November 12, 2013



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Angels help man who was crushed by 10,000 lbs truck axle fall ~Bruce Van Natta

Video Link

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Daily Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report for 11/13/13



Today is a 3 Frequency day with a 111 Active Potential

The I AM Keyword phrases for 3 and 111 are:

3 – I AM Joyful Creation

111 – I AM Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion

The 3 Frequency is Creative Energy; Creativity in all forms. It is the first (initial) energy of the Creative Life Force for the Physical realms and is the lower frequency vibration of the 111, and therefore associated with the Initial Spark of the Conception Energy. (You can follow this link to find out what I am talking about here if you are not already aware of it.)


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Transformation vs. Transmutation


It may seem a small difference between Transforming self and Transmuting self, but the truth is there is a vast difference between these two acts.

Transformation is to alter or change yourself in a manner that in comparison toTransmuting your self is only surface deep. In transforming yourself there is a change in appearance, a revolution and alteration of thoughts, emotions, deeds and actions, and often these changes are large and dramatic as seen by self and others.

Transforming can be likened to having a makeover done. You are different, what you project to the world is different and because of this you feel different about yourself and you begin acting accordingly.


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The Radiant Ones: eMERGEnce


PageLines- 5DreportLOGO.gif

Is it just me or was this Mercury retrograde the fastest one ever?


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