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God said:

Welcome to My Heart. Yet, how can I welcome you to where you have always been? I cannot invite you, ask you to stay a while when you have never been anywhere else. Nothing can take you away from My heart. You cannot be anywhere else. Only in your unawareness can you perceive that you are anywhere but where you really are and have always been.
Isn’t this a conundrum? that you spin a whole rigamarole of otherness and believe in it wholeheartedly? At the same time, you are convinced that you are a realist. How you have departed from realism. What is real you may think of as imagination, and what is imagination you are convinced is real. You most assuredly do that. If you know suffering and fright and terrible things that go boom in the night, you have it all turned around.
Beauty and love are true. Anything else is not.
You went to the movie theater, and while you sit in the theater, watching the movie, you are in it. At the time, you are entranced in the movie, and you forget everything else. And so you are entranced by relative life. You may pay your admission to the movie of life with blood, sweat, and tears.
We can say that there has been a kind of self-hypnosis in the world, and everyone has bought into the idea that terror is real, pain is real, cruelty is real, mistreatment is real, that everything you see in the movie is real. A mass belief has been perpetrated on you. You bought it hook, line, and sinker. You bought it, and you sell it.
What else could you do? You saw hopelessness, and you believed it. You saw love go wrong, and you believed in it. You invented sorrow and dismay. You worshiped heartache. You bowed down to death. You bought into it as if I, God, could create death. You have the idea that you keep needing your body.
The concept of death was easy to buy. The concept of life unending was not so easy. You believe in death while you wish there were no death. Your wish was fulfilled long ago. The body never was life. It was a form inhabited by the soul. The soul can never die. The body is simply a contraption to carry the soul in this projected life in the world.
In the world, you read, write, and enact a hasty story, and you believe in it with every beat of your heart. You desire a better story, yet you see yourself stuck in the present script.  
I prepared a way for you to come back full-force to the real Reality, and that is through the dropping off of the body, that contraption that carried you around, that beautiful conveyance that carried the Truth of you. Of course, you got hung up on the body. You even thought it was the body of your loved one that you loved. The body was like a benchmark for you, so accustomed are you to the box your loved one’s soul was carried in.
Such a to-do is made of the body that held soul. Because a soul leaves its body, why, that is nothing. It is not much at all. Of course, I understand that to you, it is a huge event. If death were the end of life, it would indeed be a huge event. If that were the end of life, oh, then the world would indeed be bleak. The world would be tragic. As it is, that is all myth.
There is no tragedy, beloveds. Tragedy can only be a misconception, sincere yet mistaken. Not true at all.