Reaching Out and Reaching Within

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Tuning in to the holy inner sanctuary and keeping mindful of the Universe, that's the challenge we are being asked to face. And to face it is not as difficult as the idea we make of it.

One think I notice is how we all flock outside since the Covid-19 social distancing and stay at work movement. While politicians fret and billionaires see their fortunes dwindle -- coincidentally asking us to get back to work sooner than later, this period is offering an amazing gift. What is the real master? The one who asks you to go to work for the sake of this thing called the economy or that which is within all of us, never failing?

Have you noticed how as soon as we were told to stay at home, most people went out? While I rejoice seeing others engage in ways they've never done before, the social distancing should be taken as a wonderful opportunity to tune in to the inside as well. While our first reaction is to go out and reach out, we also need to take the time to reach within.

Of course, easier said than done. But this social media picture made me laugh yesterday.

Seriously, let's not mess this one up.