Reaching Out To The Critical Mass

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I've been wondering how to reach out to the critical mass and keep expectations in line with the Univers' desires? And spoiler alert, I don't have the answer.

We mostly all want what's best for ourselves and others. We should also want what's best for Mother Earth. After all, she sustains us. After going to Facebook to gauge what is happening out there, I find that locally, people are doing well, but online, it's another story. Facebook is shaping up to be a cesspool of negativity throughout COVID-19. If locally, people have done well, at least around me, Facebook is showing a different grim picture. Many are all too eager to believe whatever mass media news spews and disregarding scientists and doctors. The latest wave of anti-hydroxychloroquine propaganda is a testament to how powerful the pharmaceutical industry has gotten and it's not slowing down at all.

So how do you reach out to the mass? That part alludes to me. So far, COVID-19 has been more of an intellectual conundrum filled with tidbits that don't add up for the most part.

Take into consideration that last I checked, five companies own all US news. That means five for-profit companies own all newspapers, TV channels, and radio stations. What are the chances their advertising system could flaw the news? And no, there aren't any independent governing bodies making sure they are impartial. Even the once-venerable The Lancet is not exempt from controversies as it engaged in open criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO), rejecting its claims on how efficient homeopathy is, among a few are a fabricated article. See Wikipedia for more information just to start your simple research. Its latest attack on Hydroxychloroquine is a mishmash of big data based on terminal patients given the drug, a well-known fact it is useless at that stage.

See how well the least often spoken of countries have done. Hong Kong, four deaths. Taiwan, Iceland, and New Zealand, also surmounted the pandemic with brio. Notice they all have a woman running their government?

In the meantime, I've quit reading anything my friends and connections say, repeat, or argue on Facebook. It's negative, it's mostly wrong, and they regurgitate what mass media is force-feeding them.

I guess the only two approaches are to nudge people to do their own homework from reliable sources and not mass media or to just do the inner work and be a light in these dark and trouble times.