The Real Goods and No Less

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God said:

Beloved, there is an aspect of you that doesn’t require being handed answers. You don’t have to look something up or be advised. Everything is known within your very Being.

True instructions are built into you. All that which is true lies within you. Of course, go ahead, take all the courses you want, yet True Knowledge lies deep within you and from within Me and not necessarily from anyone else.

Because certain advice is just right for your friend doesn’t mean it’s just right for you. Nevertheless, you may be led off course. How important it is to set yourself straight. Not everyone knows better than you by a long shot. Know thyself.

Odds are you are well able to acquire first-hand knowledge as it grows from within you. Unless you find this knowledge inside you, you may think you can order it from Amazon or you acquire it somehow from outside you. Perhaps it is bootlegged or simply tossed at you as a bone to a dog.

All that lies within you alights on you. When knowledge lies outside you, it may not quite be the Living Truth. You don’t have to check out a book from the library. You are free to heal yourself right here and now.

You may indeed feel better just from the idea of healing from the honest to goodness lighted-up truth of your own. Despite what you’ve been told, Coke isn’t the real thing. Get your water from the Source.

Nor do you have to be in a hurry to cure all that ails you. Take a breath. You don’t have to read up on everything, You can simply reach for the truth within you as you desire. This is a lovely place for you to come from. Be authentic.

You know the difference between homemade bread and white Wonder Bread and between margarine and cultured homemade butter. You know the difference between the real aged bubbly and an aerated look-alike.

You know the difference between fresh air and stuffy air. You know the difference between a hand-knit sweater and a sweater off the shelf.

You know the difference between home and a motel. You know the difference between fresh ground coffee and instant coffee.

You don’t have to believe everything you read.

If you’re really lucky, you may find true love, and you may give true love. You know when something adds up, and you know when it doesn’t. You know when all is right with the world and when it isn’t. You know what is solid truth and what isn’t. You know when you get to your wedding on time. You know when you’re stood up or when you have stood someone up.

You know when you are sorry. You know when you’ve said so, and you know when it’s time to say so.

What a difference in the day a word makes.

There are two matters we talk about now – good intentions and making sure you stand on solid ground. Intentions aren’t everything by a long shot.

Where do you go from here? A lot depends upon your being clear and no less. And, ah, yes, that the floor is solid under your feet. These questions aren’t small potatoes.

Yes, your intentions and your feet on the ground in sync matter. Less isn’t good enough. Pie in the sky isn’t good enough. Be clear that the least you have to do is to emerge in the full light of day, Beloved.

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