Reality Check, 2.0

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Reality check everyone who read’s this. The illuminati, are going to be playing out their role’s of taking the side of evil, while, we who discover this and decide to take a stand against it, are taking the roles of good. This is however a game, so keep that at heart. I know those of who you read this, and see the word’s “Life is a game” upset you, but this is the truth.” We have a responsibility to our fellow family member’s on this planet, that is to take care of each other, and be there for each other. However, to reheart us all again, we all have contract’s that we agree’d upon before birth, that determine our experience throughout this journey on the planet. Essentially, all we can experience forever, is working with the inevitable. Now that being said, the entire contract before birth, literally determines, who live’s and who die’s. What part’s being’s play, good, bad,  and both covertly, all of us together as one whole family on this planet, are playing these role’s and not a single person is excluded from this. NOT ONE.

I’ve seen with my own eye’s , after having having my entire conscious memory removed from me while being alive (near death experience) where these energies are taking us, due to the games we’re all partaking in. Essentially, all the classified projects the beings on this planet working in government have been working on to this day and will continue to work on, death camps, mass suicide through overdosing on medications through unconscious conditioning through subconscious,conscious and intuitive cellular energetic propaganda via the electro-magnetic energy grids that line this planet, which ties together, into the outdated technologies that are shared with mainstream, and the high end technology, that is not shared with us , the unconscious and consciously trained civilian task force. We haven’t even begun to go into the absolute depth’s of this massive psychological war game that’s going to be played out with everyone who is alive right now, until the very end of it, with those who are left standing.

This agenda, includes, more viruses being pumped into the air, more medications being pumped into the veins of the willfully ignorant, (and we’re all contracted to experience this, so ultimately, we really cannot change anyone’s life path no matter how much you speak about what’s going on, but hey, this is a part of the game, so enjoy yourselves. This is why i highly suggest you focus on yourselves and learn about your place, yourself , your path in this life, all about you, and what’s motivating you to choose those choices you’re making. The catch is, you can only find this out, as long as you’re contracted to.) As the saying goes, you cannot change any of this, in the end. The war games include en mass, false flag, and real flag propaganda with everyone on the entire planet. More chemicals being dumped into the water supply, to put it generally, we’re here to assist in humanities enlightenment, by making it look like we’re going to end up all dead or enslaved by the illuminati.

This includes project blue beam. Which uses from the absolute ultra-low frequency, and each frequency level of sound after that in it’s precise interval. Soundwave’s themselves which of course effect brainwave’s, even at the most subtle level. Along with thought’s. Anonymous has already touched based on this, just as countless other being’s have. I’m just putting out MY experience of all of this psychological warfare going on between us all on this planet. Another includes literal holographic hallucination’s. As anonymous spoke of before, this includes the symbolism’s from movies. I recently had internal dialogue sounding like the neverending story going on inside my head, alongside visual’s on each side of me that were like the being’s from akira in the bubbles floating. The thought’s within me were regarding these 2 bubbles and what they represented. I naturally took it all in and drew my own conclusion’s that in fact these were false flag visual delusions’ brought on by no less, project blue beam. I’m not naïve folk’s, I’ve had many experience’s with the truth and with that which is untruth.

What I have learned from experience is this. Only the truth remain’s, the lie’s fall away, and continually reinforce the remaining truth’s of myself, + = all, + = reality. I’ve also had experience with calculating future event’s through paying attention to the here now’s current cycle’s that govern creation, + = all life. I’ve also had experience with calculating specific detailed information that isn’t even spoken of en masse until recently this year from Bill Broakbrader. 1 is project looking glass, and the other is project yellowbook. is for Bill’s interview with Project Camelot. What I need to let you in on is the fact that all of what’s happening can be calculated using your consciousness as the calculation device, and this happens without belief’s. A lot of what bill says in the interview about needing to actually believe in it for it to be real is a misunderstanding of his own. So you will have to forgive him and realize that you yourself need to be responsible for your consciousness, your understanding’s of the truth. Find out for yourself until you know for certain what you are experiencing is the truth and what is not. Remember, Only the truth remain’s, all untruth falls away. That which falls away, reinforces that which remain’s, over and over and over again. This makes the truth stronger, and the lies weaker. Forever.
This also includes one of the biggest stages event’s we will ever see. A fake alien war in the skies, (both good and bad aliens). Once everyone has been safely escorted into their home’s and the air is cleared, the prophesized messiah will gradually return via their gradual and miraculous manifestation.(like tupac at the music awards earlier this year -2012-. I say that this will happen because I’ve experienced for myself precognitive awareness of event’s to come simply from one experience of visual delusion’s through the playing around with of the magnetic’s of the earth. Both HAARP / SALAR toys that the illuminati have manufactured all around the planet. I’ve literally experienced the magnetic’s bend and move in front of me. I’ve also bilocated all over the planet and communicated consciously with literal internal visuals of what I’m communicating about, while simply sitting in my room.

I have also seen that there will be a mass exodus taking place on this planet as well. I know this doesn’t sound pretty, but I’ve seen it over and over and over again. I can no longer deny this vision to be false. Another bit I point out is the fact that alex jone’s is a shill. I know how being’s feel about him, and it need’s to be said. The reason’s why I say this, is due to the large amount of fact’s that point to him being a shill. Just like Drake. All of his footage about the final harvest and showing green plastic coffin’s on some hidden location via his camcorder. His somehow “snuck-in” entrance to bohemian grove? Honestly you really believe this guy stating that he SNUCK INTO BOHEMIAN GROVE?! Really? Alex jone’s snuck into bohemian grove. A place where all the illuminati member’s go once a year to celebrate the progress of the great work. A place where every freemason know’s who each freemason is. If you ask how that is so due to the information regarding the fact that each freemason experience’s going level by level, and what one person know’s on each level, they’re not allowed to verbally communicate about?

Well put it this way, you can communicate information, intuitively, without even moving your body, without speaking word’s. It comes down to this fact, when you see yourself as you are, you see all life as life is. Honestly though? You actually believe this guy who talk’s about how he was once a christian fundamentalist , and is now an athiest. Who speak’s about you can’t legalize tyranny until his face is red , and speaks about knowing your right’s. What he doesn’t dare speak on air, is 1 , he went from one religion to another out of resentment and guilt towards god, back unto himself because of his own identification with ignorance. He won’t even state that these right’s we innately have are god given. Why he doesn’t say this aloud is because he want’s you to subconsciously feel as though you have some sort of control over the reality that is present. If you look closely at his paperwork that he shares with the public, you will notice how it’s always out just in time, and it’s always from an inside informant. These inside informant’s are given the information directly from the government employee’s from all over the planet who work on these area’s of expertise. CIA, FBI , SS, The Pentagon and so on. These being’s know how to work the collective, and know that there are being’s on this planet like myself, who also know how to work the collective. I have even had inside information shared with me in regards to how the being’s on this planet who work in secure sector’s on this planet work in government. When it comes to paperwork getting out all over, you’re only able to get your hand’s on that which they want you to. All other information can be intuited and if you’re present enough, you can accurately channel this information as I have.

To recap, all the government conspiracie’s regarding psychological warfare on humanity are basically being consolidated into one massive project as I see it. They’re all going to be used en masse also. These are just toy’s and ultimately can only play with us, so enjoy them. They’re not conspiracies to be feared at all. They’re just all the game’s that need to be played out in order for all of us to move on together. You cannot save anyone. We can only ultimately assist those who are contracted to actually wake up out of their ignorance. If you don’t yourself feel either alex jone’s or Drake and even Cobra aren’t shill’s, just take a look at the evidence and go against the grain of these so called informant’s. They have all their slip’s of disinformation on the internet. Even david wilcock has had them. I say look at drake’s statement about martial law and having to settle in for atleast 30 days. We’re at 7/9/2012 right now, and there has been no call for mass martial law to take place whatsoever LOL. You realize how insane that call is? Martial law for everyone right now. There aren’t enough military personnel for that to happen right now. It also goes against congresses congressional law’s of approval when it comes to the 3 levels of government that the present has to go through. The law’s that he already went against, and got his feet stepped on for. Same with cobra and his message’s. These guys all have their ignorant pattern’s being expressed to the public. Only the naïve and desperately hopeful ignorant being’s blindly trust these guy’s to be telling the absolute truth of reality as it is in the here now.

When it comes to what anonymous said in their message about HAARP / SALAR, and how it’s connected to the metaphor’s in movie’s. You have to pay attention to what you’re feeling yourself when you watch movie’s. You have to understand that the being’s who play the role’s via the costume’s and script’s, along with the director’s and the being’s who direct them, are all working with the collective on this planet, and have motivations from their own past, that brought them to those points in life. You can pickup on the subtle reference point’s talking about the illuminati’s great work that conspires against and with us all. You just have to be contracted to wake up out of your ignorance in order to see this. Same with music, image’s, all that is everywhere. You just have to be contracted to wake up, to see this.

A part of this responsibility after waking up out of your ignorance of self, is the unconditional willingness to learn which enables you to learn grow and expand by doing your inner work. Facing all that brings up internal suffering in order for you to find that source within you of true everlasting peace and happiness. Discovering this source, and experiencing it for yourself , is what will assist others in staying calm throughout the rest of this journey, until we get to meet our Universal family from other planet’s from throughout the universe. Until next time, I am Andrew Robinson, and I am always with you, intuiting what is happening throughout the universe.



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These messages thats being channeled here. Would you the prceive the as correct from our earth allies. Does look like there's no intervention soon like some would wish to believe


Many thanks