Reconnaissance Within Your Heart

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God said:

What does Life have to be but what it is when it is? What you might call out to be done and over with and get out of the way are circumstances you perceive and may insist upon evicting as if you are the Queen of the Land. Beloveds, lay down restraints. You may line-up stated requirements. You may say you must have what you say you must have and absolutely must have or you can only be bereft. It’s okay. You can request. Where is it said, however, that you must have all that you insist upon, or you will not play. You might lay down your cards when Life is for you to accept.

I am all in favor of your having your dreams fulfilled. This is a little different from your insisting that the Earth owes you. Dear Ones, you may not have the authority to require that which your dear heart mosts wants. This day may not be yours to concede. You may not have the right to call the shots. Beloveds, be not so hasty. Hold your horses.

Here is the point, Beloveds: At all costs, stay away from seeing yourself at rock-bottom, as if your heart has been withheld from Love and this you will not allow?

What makes you so certain that I am obliged to give you everything you want at your behest? If you don’t receive everything on your list, by what law must you? Upon what Law do you base this? By what Divine Right must your wishes come true? If they do not come true, must the world turn into a tailspin and you be denied or unloved or in circumstances that you are too good for? Don’t call yourself unappreciated and unloved because of a few farthings or unrequited Love? Do not empty your pockets and be so quick as to call out Foul Play. Don’t be so quick to say that I have abandoned you. Beloveds, don’t give up so quickly. Hold your judgment in abeyance.

I understand that there are shocks in Life that devastate you. I say to do a little reconnaissance within your Heart. You don’t have to be so quick to cut yourself out of the race. You may be overwrought, yet this does not have to mean that all is lost. You don’t have to yell “Uncle!”

There is more to Life than this very moment and more than the current emotions. There is more to Life than defeat. There is more to Life than your feeling abandoned. Dear Ones, do not throw yourself out for the punch so quickly

There is another Day around the corner. There is another Day to say Good Night to. There is another Dawn to rise. There is another Day Break. All is not lost even when you feel that all is lost. Beloveds, how many times have you felt that? How many times have you decided defeat too soon? You don’t have to be so certain. Do you have some satisfaction in conceding defeat? Some kind of sense of pride in saying you’re done? That you don’t want to play any more. Have you removed yourself from the game with “So there! I’m out! I will no longer be trifled with.”

Must it be that if you can’t have all the Love and Fair Play you desire, or you don’t want to play any longer at all, as if you declare defeat by taking pride in it? Can you not be more than a spoilsport who throws in your chips? Must all be lost because you declare it?

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