Rest, Dig, And Shed Before Being Back!

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Or it would seem that much is being asked of us. The little virus that could is sending the business world in a tizzy while folks are asked to stay at home. Stay at home, but do what?

We're asked to stay away from work or telecommute. Many are losing their jobs, others hanging on in uncertainty or bissfully unaware. We're asked to take a step back. Sometimes I feel I've been waiting for this moment all my life. I feel I was born to see this gigantic turning moment in humanity. We're asked to take the time to change, to make real profound changes. The rest is up to us.

This chance for a change is a spark. But it's up to us to use it to light a sea of changes. For my part, I'm withdrawing in. It's not without discomfort. Decades of repression, childhood scars, and running around chasing every challenge has left me... tired. I'm burned out from writing covering the world of electric mobility. As much as the initial shock of losing one of my spots in one of the most prominent online outlets, it's led to a sense of deep inner peace at times. I also feel guilt. While my wife goes to work, I'm shutting down for repair, upgrades, digging in the old, and resting.

After the storm, the sun shines. It usually does. But there is danger. There is a real chance we will miss the gigantic opportunity to change the course of our destiny. There is a chance we might get back to work and feed the faceless master, eager for more money, more resources, more power. It's up to us not to give it away again. It's up to us to not disempower ourselves again. Enough voting left and right. There is a real chance for us to say stop, enough.

I'm going back in. I'm cozying up to the inner master. It's not always comfortable but my surrounding is favorable to it. I'm very lucky, appreciating, and grateful. I'm surrounded by compassionate people, even the strangers I meet on the street. There's never been a better time to shed the old skin before coming out into the world again later.