Rest in Me

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God said:

Beloved of My heart, clear the passageways of your heart. Nothing is to get in the way of the free-flow of Our One beautiful heart. Clear the smallest blocks that get in the way of Infinite clear-seeing and clear-hearing. Let Us realize constant comfort and joy in Our Union. Oneness flows, I accept you wholeheartedly. There is no reason for dismay to cover up the Oneness of Infinity.

Seat yourself comfortably in My heart. Be at ease with Me. Be separate from tension. Do not for one moment overlook Oneness.

I welcome you, and the world welcomes you on My behalf and on behalf of Oneness . Do you stymie yourself to the extent of your own resistance to welcoming your perceived Self to life on Earth?

What within your Self do you fight? Are you not good enough for this world and above? Wake up! You are exalted to the High Heavens. Is there any other kind of Heaven but the one on High?

I exalt you. I have never not. I hasten you to My heart. Come close. Come, climb to the top of My message board. I hear you before you hear yourself. I am Yourself as you are Mine. We are not a mixed bag.

No longer think of yourself as some kind of quarry.

Safe are you with Me.

Whatever you deliberate about, let go of it. Come closer. All these worries you parade around like ponies in a circus – they are irrelevant to you. They are insignificant to the whole of life in Heaven on Earth.

When events are irrelevant to Me, they are irrelevant and unnecessary to you. Relieve yourself of these little tics that disturb you. Love My essence, for this is the same essence in which you are blessed. You are here to fill the world with essence of life all the way in excess of Heaven.

Forget the necessities of taxes and all the seeming matters that rub you the wrong way.

Be you on Earth as you are in Heaven.

I, God, penetrate your Soul. I, God in Heaven, the very God Who stands before you and leads you, I find you in Me. Why, here you are. Stay.

Do you think you are a gnat or ant on Earth and, to your mind, of no royal merit? Forget that, for any and everything on Earth has a purpose and fulfills its purpose. You appear in the world for a while. Whether you know the High Purpose of your seemingly illusive Being, deliver it. Have no concerns. I’m taking care of all life. Rest in Me.

You are not a passing fancy. You are a remarkable presence. You, the Essence of God, pass this way. Even when no one on Earth yet remains to hold conscious memory of you this time around, your mark is made. You are longed for. You are a unique quality that passes through the Earth just the way a star passed through the sky. Every single cell on Earth fulfills its purpose, and you are essential to the Light of the World. And so is everyone.

I bow to every seeming particle of life. Our Oneness is not exactly a partnership. Rather, it is a Oneness, and Oneness is far-flung, which means it is everywhere. Hearts are exponents of Oneness. Hark, the herald angels sing.

Every bird that flies and every sound and chirp are wonders of the world. The world may not be everything you want it to be, yet the world shares the firmament along with you.

Note, I do not figure out Our Onenesst. Am-ness I am. Equally, you are the same Am-ness I AM. I AM is the whole story of creation as it streams along in full fiddle.

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