Riding on the Wide Waves of the Ocean

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God said:

What would you like to speak out about today or delve into or forget about? Where would you like to start, and where would you like to wind up?

You may not want to wind up ever. You may just keep turning and winding around the imagined world you live and love in that seemingly revolves outside you for all the world to see, yet when does the world ever really see you?

By now, you know there is no world outside. There certainly seems to be a world outside, yet all is within. The world is all how you see it and say and express and live it.

Life is a movie you go to. You may think it’s the best movie you ever saw whereas your companion may say: “Ho hum, what a slow-moving movie this one is.”

Therefore, you take the curtains that surround you with a grain of salt.

How many billions of people share the world with you -- that’s how many worlds there are seen from all kinds of perspectives and introspection. Many interpretations, and many revelations and much digression in this pot-boiler of a world where One Yellow Sun beckons you to come play. There is one country after another, yet the Universe is One interpreted in many ways. The interpreter is also One seeming person. What a strange situation you find yourself in and often feel inadequate to levitate in. You wonder what on Earth you are doing here, thrown out of Heaven only to land you know not where or how, or what you are to do and what you are to make of it, let alone what to give the One Universe that awaits you with open arms or not. You do not always feel welcome even as I welcome you before Me.

When you think about it, what difference does any of your present Life have to do with anything? You have simply passed through one country into another. You are just someone, even a stranger to yourself, passing through, having your passport stamped, as if you exist. When you look at yourself with new eyes, you are a stranger to yourself. You are an unknown pretending that you exist, a kind of con-artist who pretends to be present yet is really nowhere, a kind of interloper who has no idea what he or she is doing here, a Pretender to the Throne who may fool everyone including himself.

You are in perpetual motion. You ride on top of a raft on the wide waves of the Ocean! How on Earth did you get here, and what on Earth are you doing here? How long must you stay a Pretender? When does Life actually happen?

You are here, and not here. You are here while you are simultaneously elsewhere. Your mind is often somewhere else, and you may not recollect where your mind has been.

Between every thought of yours, there is a gap. This is where you have been – in the gap – yet you also have no idea where or what this gap is anymore than you really know where or what you are when you are seemingly midstream.

Confess, you don’t know much with certainty. You don’t begin to know yourself or know what’s going on with you or with anyone else either. At best, there is some kind of illusion you perpetrate upon yourself.

Somehow someone wound you up and let you loose, yet, when all is said and done you may feel disconnected to everything as the true state of affairs.

Beloveds, there is no said and done. There is you on a secular island, so it seems, as you pace back and forth, wearing out the carpet.

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