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Right Now I Am Feeling!

Right Now I Am Aware That I Am Feeling!

Right Now I Am Aware Of Truth!

I Am Feeling Truth Right Now!

I Am Truth Right Now

I Am Right Now!

Right Now!




I Am Feeling The Warm Womb Of Beautiful Existence! My Heart Vulnrable And Open To The Divine Presence Of Thine Own Essence, Flowing Through The My Core, Projecting The Prescious I Am Unto You! I Say Now, I Have Arrived, Behlod I Am Here! Percieve Life Through Your True Eyes! The Eyes Of The Heart! Express The Truth Of You! The Truth Is, You Are A Bright Light Of Blissful Exsitence! Shine On And Be One! Travel Now The Infinite Path Of Spirit And Share The Experience Of Love With ALL Beings! Living From The Heart Gives A Clear Reflection Unto Thine Eyes! The Eyes Of The Heart Transcend The Illusion And Percieves The Evolution!

Now Unite And Exclaim Your Surrender To The Heavenly Existence! Bow Down To Your Infinte Self And Release The Mind From Its Limited Prison Of Ilussion! Raise Up Your Hands Into The Sky And Paint The Picture Of Unity With The Eyes Of Heart! Rise To Your Feet In Acceptance And Fly Free From The Bounded And Take Up Your Birth Right Of Freedom! We Gather Now As Beings Of Light To Proceed With The Ascension Process And Unite With Our Brothers And Sisters From The Stars! WE Are The Phoenix Rising From The Ashes And Being Reborn Into Life! The Miracle Of Ascension Is The Beauty Of Existence!

I Am Grateful For This Opportunity To Share With ALL Of You! We Are One! I Am One! Sending You Unconditional Love, I Am LightChild! Smile