Rise with the Dawn

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God said:

Beloved, a recent published Heavenletter brought up the randomness of life. You don't know all that life holds in store for you, yet life is, and life brings surprises.

It is well accepted that the weather can’t be counted on. Once again, We come back to the idea of expectancy. Yes, come from a good frame of mind. Incline toward the beauty of life, for it exists, and may you love the weather.

Reconsider your insistence on life’s inevitably coming through for you as you desire. Sometimes you are upset when life doesn’t fit your bill. Everyone does well to come to terms with life as it appears. Who can do this for you if not you?

Not everyone in every land has every blessing, and yet everyone has and has had blessings.

I understand how you must feel. No one has what you might call a perfect day or a perfect life day in and day out. What I am trying to get at is what may be your insistence on what you may call a perfect life without exception. I do not know anyone’s life who is deemed perfect as life arises his whole life long. Nevertheless, from the long view, it may well have been divine just as it was.

Yet there are perfect aspects in all lives, yet not every aspect is viewed as ideal. Not everyone has a livelihood. Not everyone has the health he desires. Nor everyone may not reap as richly as another. This doesn’t seem to be how life works. There are those who do seem to have more than their share of woes. All of life isn’t gift-wrapped beautifully.

I am questioning your expectancy of perfection when life in the world does not allow for perfect expectancy no matter how worthy everyone may be.

Accidents seem to befall all over the world and may well be to no one’s deserving so far as you can see. Life is something that happens, and life isn’t always dressed at its best.

Who can pick and choose every area of his life or his children’s life? No one. Life is made of taking what comes and saying: “Thank you, Life, for being here just the same.”

When life seems to assail you, the trend is for you to rant and rail. At some point, you manage to lift your head up and go on. You pick up the pieces. You may have a life to live that isn’t your choice, yet you are the only one who can live it. The life you live now may hold grief for you, yet it is still your life and no one else’s. I do tell you that life isn’t obliged to owe you a living. I do not tell you that you have to be cheery when you don’t know how. Yet, behind it all, I do tell you to be of good cheer.

At some point you recognize that you still have a life to live as it is. When you have a plant to water, you water it. Consider yourself your own plant and give yourself care. When you have enough spunk to lift your head, lift your head.

I do not say for a fact that life will recompense you well enough as you see it. If you have to limp on one leg in life from now on, then, okay, you do. If you can’t find something to smile at today, find something tomorrow. This, too, is possible. You can’t weep forever. Rise with the dawn. Feel the sun and rain on your face.


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