Rise to Your Own Life

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God said:

Many of My Beloved Children have the idea that they have been cheated in Life. Granted, in your way of looking, this may be true. You may indeed not have received all that you desire and all that you deserve. This may be so in terms even of the entire relative world.

What I am saying to you is that, true or not, the idea of having been denied, gypped, overlooked, hamstrung, neglected is beside the point. Across the board, this isn’t a helpful premise for you to come from. This idea of being owed is a concept that keeps you mired.

You see this, don’t you? No longer keep yourself chained to believing you are owed something. True or not true, you don’t want to keep even one downward-spiraling thought one second longer.

From the worst of circumstances, Beauty arises. This is also true. There is no end to possibilities, Beloveds. There is no end to the possibilities for you.

What do you think it means to be boundless?

Let go of seeing yourself as neglected. Let go of seeing yourself as vanquished. In case you may never walk again, let’s say, you are here on Earth for more than walking. If you have been seeing yourself as downtrodden, then begin seeing yourself blessed. If you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, then pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Here’s the thing: You are as you see yourself.

See yourself as victimized, then you are. See yourself as a Knight on a White Steed, then your Light will shine through, and you will be a new person.

When you see yourself as a Prince born to the King, how do you carry yourself? What is your posture like? It is not a posture. It is the Real You.

No matter to whom you are born, carry yourself as My Prince or Princess which you are.

When you are the Child of God, then it is not a stretch of the imagination that you are a Prince or Princess. What are all the variant stories of Cinderella about but that? Listen, you are a Child of God. You are welcome to My Kingdom. You are invited to My Kingdom. I will escort you through Life. I will ask you for the next Dance. Yes, please, dance with Me. It is My Wish that you will dance with me. We will all the treasures prove.

Dear Ones, no longer call out: “Foul.” No more.

No longer say: “Life has deprived me. My circumstances messed me up. I had no chance.”

No question, some Lives are easier than others. When the odds appear to be against you, rise higher in your estimation. Even without limbs, you can ride the waves. Rise in your estimation.

I tell you that you are not to settle for any physical perception of you. I tell you that you can grow wings. You can soar. You are meant to soar.

Even if you are in a coma, you can be traveling on roads you don’t realize. You can be a space-traveler. You can be a transformer of the world.

You do not have to have all the opportunity in the world that everyone else seems to have, yet you are here for more on Earth than you presently see. Beloveds, I say you are valuable. I say you will always be so. I say that within every damage lies a miracle for you to perform, a miracle for you to give from all the fortune I have invested in you.

What you presently see does not have to be the making of you. Look around you, and you will see great courage, and you may well be the courage you see. Even enchained, bolted to the wall, you, your thoughts, your Being can succor thousands. In fact, no one knows what you are on Earth for and the Vast Purpose you are to serve. You may indeed be the last to know.

Now, the idea of “Why me?” has a new meaning. What new meaning will you give to Gladness?

No longer is “Why me? To mean, “Woe is me.”

No longer does it mean you cry out: “Alas, what can I do in this condition?”

Now “Why me?” means:

“I get up. I arise. I surpass any situation. I am, without doubt, Pure Being, and I arise from the trenches, and I arise as a Blessing of Courage and Power to break all the perceived boundaries in the world. Be I coal miner in the dark or a preacher on the pulpit, God partners with me. Thank You, God.”

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