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God said:

No matter how far along in life you may think you are, you are a beginner. You are a beginner in that you are always growing. There is no end to you, beloveds. You are always beginning. You cannot take a breath and relax thinking that you have become all you are to become. You can take a breath and relax knowing that you will continue to learn and grow and continue to express all that is within you to express.
You can lose tenseness. Tenseness is not required. Learning and growing are. Learning and growing are a natural process and progress. You don’t have to always be thinking of what is natural. What is natural is not a process that you must activate. It is inevitable. You do not need to keep a scorecard. You do not need to rate yourself.
A rose does not ask itself: “How am I growing today? What nutrient am I missing? Am I ahead of all the roses, or am I behind?”
Roses know how to blossom. Roses don’t have to think about it. Roses do not ask themselves: “Have I arrived?” They simply arrive, arrive, meaning in full bloom. Every moment leads to their blossoming in fullness.
A rose in bloom fades, you think. The blossom dries up. The blossom fades only to return. What you gain, you have gained. The body may fade to dust, but your soul never. You resurrect. There is an instant when the soul leaves its body, yet your soul is on a continuum and is forever. Only on Earth is there temporary. In the case of Being, nothing is temporary, for Being is Infinite. Infinite are the expressions of Being. Being is more than a one-shot chance. In fact, everything but Being, Soul, and Love are so temporary that they are illusion. Being, Soul, Love  are True and Real. The Oneness of Us, the One of Us is True, and the only True there is. Being never ends. Being is forever. Beloveds, you are Being. You are My Being. You are the Oneness I AM.
All this is a mystery to you, a mystery within a mystery. Your individual personality seems to exist. For a while, you play a role in the Theater of Life. You have your moment on the Stage. And then you exit. You Who Always Exist exit the stage. You are off-stage. You exist off-stage where you are not so visible. Your existence off-stage is greater than any performance of yours, do you understand?
What is it you don’t understand? What is the tie that human life holds you in? It is as if you are a prisoner of life when you are, indeed, the very essence of life. You are Life. The theater you live in is a backdrop. You are the star of the show in far greater terms than you recognize. You are IT. You who are everything give a performance. Your performance may be great, yet your performance does not hold a candle to the Truth of you.
Ah, the Truth of you. The Truth of you is the same as the Truth of Me. There it is in a nutshell, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. You are far greater than your identity on Earth. You are not a clerk or an accountant. You are not a writer or a deliverer. You are Being, pure simple Being, and you are Greatness Personified. The world doesn’t know this yet. The world may consider you insignificant. You may consider yourself insignificant. Now begin to know better.
You are Significance Itself. You  are the Pen I write with. You are the Chalice I hold. You are a Key to life. Behold, you are the Instrument of God. Take your place now. You are on the forefront. You are the meaning of life, this life, that you also happen to hold in your hand.


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