A Rose Knows Its Rosiness for All Eternity

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God said:

There is never a said and done. In the world at large, all is set to change on the surface, that is.

Inevitably, regardless of anything else, you are Being. Being is GREAT. You and I are One. We are One Being. We are One Beingness. There is no end to it, Beloveds.

You know everything as surprised as you are or even astonished. You set the menu. This often seems ridiculous because you would recluse yourself, so you think, from all that which comes your way that you may not like one bit, yet you are the one who left the breadcrumbs for Life to follow.

You may be Landed Gentry one moment. The next you are a beggar, or the reverse, or you are so upsy-daisy you seem to live the Life you present to the world, yet, by a long shot, you are far more than your presentation.

You are like a reversible jacket. You can alternate the gold inner lining outside and the brown outer coat inside. The coat is made this way with inner lining and outer surface to be worn at your will. All that occurs and that you appear to be, you designate. You are certain you would not, who does if you don’t?

There was a time when adverse was not a thought or consideration in your quiver. You did not think of adversity or trouble or death and so on. It is as if they had not been invented yet. Riding a Merry-Go-Round in Life held no caution for you. Judging was not yet heard of. Now you may well judge to the nth degree.

In Reality, there is no downside. Life is Lively, yet once you did not ascribe tragedy to Life. You did not see foul-play as you tend to see it now. Now, if you play Tiddley Winks with a friend and you lose, you may feel downfallen.

Someone might comment: “You simply play a game,” suggesting that there is no cost or loss to it for you. It’s just a game. You play the game, and all who play are winners. There are no losers. Nothing has really happened anyway.

There is always this and that that are beyond your present-day sightings.

In Reality, you are a Rose in Bloom. You are Essence of Rose. A Rose in Bloom does not see doom. A wilted Rose sees no wilting. It sees itself getting ready for its Rose Self to bloom again another time. What cannot be right with this?

Roses have a different attitude from you. A Rose blesses itself. You are no less than a Rose, only you may think you are.

When you are a Rose in Bloom and someone picks you and puts you in a vase with water, isn’t this a lovely turn of events? Life can only return to more Life. Summer or winter, a Rose takes Life without disturbance. A Rose under snow is still a Rose and takes Joy in being a Rose. A Rose is not disturbed at changes in circumstances.

You are a Rose no matter what, yet human Beings tend to see themselves in good shape or they tend to see themselves in bad shape, as if there is a way that is acceptable to you and a way that is not.

Even if a vandal tore you apart, My Rose of Roses, still you know your closeness to Me. In this case, how even would a musty Rose feel differently from a Blooming Rose?

Human Beings seem to form a union of mistakes regarding surface blemishes when the surface isn’t your Truth at all. A Rose isn’t to see herself scarred, nor does a rose feel scare easily. What is there to be scared about when you are always Mine, that you are always a Treasure of Mine? Even if My Rose is stepped on, a Rose knows its Rosiness. A Rose knows My Love. A Rose also knows its Love and the Purpose it serves and is glad to.

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