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GFP Note: We know there's a whole lot of controversy over the plant, and we'd like to point out that radioactive tobacco with poisonous additives is not the same as naturally grown tobacco. Tobacco is able to pull radioactive elements out of the soil, which means it's monumentally stupid to grow it with radioactive fertilizer, but that's exactly what happens. They use radioactive phosphate fertilizers, which are a cheap byproduct of Uranium mining. It's no mystery why people get cancer from radioactive smoke and having radioactive tar stuck in their lungs. We highly recommend growing your own, or getting it from a source you're sure doesn't use radioactive fertilizer.

Smoking is an extremely powerful spiritual/magical tool. However, since our human culture does not understand its metaphysical properties and how to use it beneficially, in addition to our having a highly corrupt corporate tobacco industry and a lot of really gross commercial "tobacco" that is seen by many as "normal," the harsh effects of this powerful tool misused have come to define for many people what tobacco just "does." (Something like under 25% of habitual tobacco smokers actually develop any smoking-related illnesses... something is making the difference between those that do and those that don't.) I want to bring light to how tobacco actually works in order to break down these destructive misunderstandings that are so damaging to people's health and relationship to the spirit of tobacco, so that you may partner with this amazing plant spirit and benefit from her many gifts.

I'd like to assemble the teachings I have been receiving from my spirit guides in the herbal kingdom, especially tobacco (others include cannabis, mullen, lavender, rose, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, etc.), who I collaborate with by smoking and smudging with them.

When something burns, it is surrendering its defined, solid, physical form and its spirit is being released to the air while the ash falls to enrich the earth. Smoke is a clear communication channel with the spirit world, a telephone straight to Creator God. It holds and carries our intentions.

Because smoke has such powerful metaphysical properties, it is not an understatement to say that every time you have a cigarette burning in your hand you are holding a magic wand, and the choice is yours as to how much care you will put into how you wield it. It is a magic wand powerful enough to manifest cancer into the physical world -- but this is only one extreme and unpleasant possible outcome.

What makes the difference? Intentions. Smoke carries our intentions to the spirit world when we burn things, whether it is through a campfire, a smudge, or whatever. When we inhale that smoke, those intentions are carried into our bodies, and as our lungs absorb the consciousness of that plant we absorb that intention into our being.

In a typical casual smoking setting, I do not believe it is very common for most people to even think about what one's intentions are when smoking. What are the implications of this? If we have all been using magic wands -- which are steered by our intentions and beliefs -- from the time we reached early adulthood (or in childhood for some), having had no idea they were magic wands, and all the while our intentions and beliefs were all over the place, being absorbed into our beings to come into our own physical manifestation, and being exhaled back into the spirit world, to manifest externally. On top of this, when we consider the disgusting poisonous quality of the industrial tobacco that is widely available on our market and the corrupt intentions of this industry, and especially the belief patterns that we tend to hold (understandably so) about tobacco based on those facts as well as social conditioning that "smoking is bad" or that "tobacco is bad" or will "give you cancer".... then you are breathing those beliefs and intentions unconsciously into your smoke, and if you continue to put that intention out over time as you habitually smoke, that magic wand will work for you and create in your reality what you have been focusing on, whether that is enlightenment or lung cancer. Hint: Cancer is a condensation of resentment into the physical body. Hold resentment in your attention as you smoke and you give it a boost for manifesting into reality.

So, instead of cancer, what can we use tobacco for?

Communicating with the spirit world -- When the spirits see smoke, it is like a bright beacon of light to them saying HEY GUYS!! WHAT'S UP!! OVER HERE!! And they spring into action to come hang out and have a conversation. No wonder so many tribal cultures have been using tobacco in prayer and ceremony for sooooo effin long. Think about how you feel when you smoke a cigarette -- it alters your perception of reality in some ways. It changes how you perceive time, it allows you to take a break from what you've been thinking about, step back, and breathe a bit slower, spend some time with yourself and/or your spirit guides, and see things from a new perspective. It's a great head change, a centering point with yourself or with others. It not only helps us to communicate with spirits, but also with other humans on more of a spirit level. Having conversations over a cigarette connects so many people who would otherwise never talk, and those conversations seem to be some of the best sometimes, it seems.

Using tobacco as a meditation/prayer smoke produces a very grounding and expansive energy flow, and a consciousness expansion that often brings visions and other divination or channels. It connects the Earth and Sky, or the material and spiritual worlds. If you are holding onto dense energies that are nearing their readiness for release, the grounding quality of tobacco will encourage your body to release your dense energies to be composted -- and yes, by that I mean it makes you poop, and pee, and cough up phlegm -- things in your body that can be shaken loose and released will be prompted out when you smoke tobacco, to equal you back out to comfortable equilibrium. In extreme cases tobacco will even prompt vomiting in the same way. This is a very powerful medicine for this physically grounding quality alone.

If you are a smoker and this resonates with you, I encourage you to examine your own relationship to tobacco and/or cannabis, if it is something that you feel is not exactly how you want it to be, and release all of your feelings of guilt or "badness" about smoking, recognizing that instead of something dangerous or bad, it is something powerful that deserves respect and proper usage. Empower yourself to honestly examine your own usage and intentions when using tobacco, and if you like, I highly recommend beginning to set aside time to smoke alone with total attention to your smoking and your self (spacing out, meditating, thinking, whatever), and as you load your pipe or roll your smoke, focus on the intention or feeling or reality you wish to expand into yourself (for instance love, gratitude, healing, peace, happiness, abundance, joy, etc.,) and your world and to the Creator Spirit through that smoke. As you draw on it, visualize that intention, embodied in the smoke, filling your lungs and soaking it into your entire being, and as you exhale, send that intention back out into the spirit world to plant its seeds on their plane. Thank the spirit of the tobacco (or whatever plant you are smoking).

That is a practice that I do multiple times throughout the day, usually by myself, but sometimes I invite others to learn and participate in my simple smoking ritual if they are interested. It is a solid and valuable way of centering myself and checking in with myself and keeping my spiritual life very solidly connected and guided. I very much want to be someone who can help those around me to learn to respect and collaborate with tobacco and other herbal smokes in a healthy and beneficial way that empowers its medicinal and spiritual talents, free from the propaganda and corruption of society that has masked this sacred medicine's true value.

Thank you for sticking with me through this long post! If you made it this far, and you're around, let's smoke together! Haha. Lovin you all. I'd love to hear about personal relationships with tobacco and how they have evolved and healed over time.

On that note, I am going to go drink some water and then smoke a cigarette. Looooooove!! Namaste.

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awesome post thank you for sharing! Namaste:)

yea, yea ...

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Thank you for this well written, well considered much needed reminder of a mostly forgotten perspective on the respectful and conscious use of our wonderful friends/resources -- love back as always:)


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I didn't start smoking till I showed up in Japan, and I woke up from taking nap and went.. I need to smoke.

I went through some grinding of some really crappy energy I wanted to release and at first was using the smoking to enhance the feelings almost as a destructive type of manifestation, but I would always not like it and ask for guidance to remove it. One night I smoked and went to sleep and had a dream where I literally felt I was on the other side of the "matrix" and pulled down a selection menu on a computer screen... I selected Abundance.


I woke up... and I actually stopped smoking for 3 weeks, didn't even think about those other thoughts. Just last night I had the feeling to get another pack of American Spirits... smoked half of one. Then I ran into this page.


I truly feel this is legit info!


-Lord of A-san Japanese Fluency Lord

I am A-san the lord and master of Japanese Fluency and of course the main guy being worshiped at the Church of Asan.

Thank You !!!

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I agree with this, and I'm really happy to find this.

I am really into organic horticulture and gardening and have been trying to grow my own tobacco for a few years now, because I have pretty much your same perspective on this plant. Beautiful plant that grows strongly and spreads seed evereywhere ! I have though not really gotten to a smokeable leaf after harvest. Culturing/conditioning/aging your leaves really seems to be an art, whereby intention and effort is necessary. Commercial tobacco cheats this art, and bypasses it by chemically forcing some breakdown of the leaf and freeing of its gifts. That's just one aspect that contaminates industrial tobacco. I didn't know the detail about the chemical fertilizers, namely their radioactivity ! wow. But ya in comparison, organic soil culture leaves no trace (well, less trace, the world overall bears pollution). Through my experience with many different batches of Cannabis for example, I can really tell the qualitative differences in the flower as a result of cultivation methods. Flowers grown with synthetic, water-soluble fertilizers are not nearly as good... Using your language... the plant material does not "surrender" itself as well. The plant's development and synthesis of cells is different. Water-soluble synthetic fertilizers just skip any need for real ecology or living soil. The fertilizer is just sucked up by the roots and becomes present throughout the plant, thus supporting growth, but not via the usual pathways. abnormal growth occurs. In organic soil culture, legions of beneficial microbes and fungi are making familiar and appropriate forms of nutrients available and feeding them to the roots, literally. Nothing  extra gets "sucked up" into the plant that it isn't hungry for. Organic flowers unravel themselves to you more easily, combusting without trace. Like delicate vessels of spirit. The focus of the spirit's generation in cannabis culminating in the resin glands, which resolve themselves with even less physical trace... just volatizing into vapor.


About dense concrescence, or concentration of physical "hangups" in the body. My best smoking has occurred through fasting or approaching "energy-body". Toxic eating is part of the picture of complications with mainstream tobaccco use.


honestly some of the greatest medical effects ive experienced with tobacco was not in smoking, but ingesting a tea/soup/infusion of tobacco leaves. It is grueling and unsettling (and potentially lethal so approach carefully) but the aftermath was like "clear, fresh, renewed consciousness" mental health, clear spiritual vision. Basically i didn't sleep all night, stomach grumbling, tossing and turning, but when the sun rose, I wasnted to go out and walk around, and what "NEW" but familiar kind of feeling. Powerful medicine. Anti-parasitic also.


I love that you wrote and posted this. I feel like I could ramble on, and not really come to a clear point so I'll stop here.

There is so much misunderstanding and cognitive dissonance about important things like this that i wonder about some sabotage against humanity, or at least greed and manipulation.