Sananda and St. Germain

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Sananda and St. Germain

Two articles I found...good stuff!  :)

I also find it entertaining that there was a post by Sananda on Saturday on the News feed.  I just got home and read it, but synchronicity at it's best...Sat night twice my friends smart phone was giving us weather updates 4 Galilee.  :)



by 2012

An introduction to the new Mission of

Sananda/Esu Immanuel


It was foretold two millennia ago that the Man of Galilee, known by some as Esu Immanuel and other names, would return and that he would have a new name.

Neither of these prophecies seem to have gone down well with the Church in general. And I do not think that they relish this happening in their own lifetime! A bad conscience, perhaps?

This is unfortunate - for some - as it has been known for almost two decades now that his new name is "SANANDA". He also began informing some of his followers in early 2005 that this was the year for his Second Coming, at least in the spirit - and that Mohammed and Buddha would also return for their followers. That plan is still on hold but should be in 2008 as the announcement of NESARA was a prerequisite for his coming. [Mohammed also gave his first message in 2005]

Some receivers have given exact dates for his physical return, but he has always said that this date was not yet known, and that certain preliminaries (such as the announcement of NESARA) had to be completed before it could take place. Prophecies which give a specific date must always be taken with a grain of salt.

The first preliminary requirement was that his messages to the Churches be distributed as corrections to what their present doctrines held. He selected another "John the Baptist" (this time a woman, as this is the Age of Feminity) to receive these messages telepathically and present them in book form to his first selected Church. She will then meet with representatives of this Church, who may ask questions which will be answered through His messenger telepathically. At this point He will only be present in Spirit, not in the flesh.

The other Christian churches would then be addressed in a similar way.

A visit to Jerusalem would follow. It is not quite clear at what juncture the physical Second Coming takes place, but it will be after the visit to Jerusalem and when the world is at peace.

By that time the landing of space-craft will have become commonplace (starting two weeks after the NESARA announcement) - in fact, plans for the replacement of jetliners by environmentally-friendly 'flying saucers' or shuttles are now being readied. The biblical reference to "coming in the clouds"meant of course coming in a space-craft - which will be a shuttle from the starship "Capricorn." Every eye shall see Him.

His principal message is twofold:

  • correct the mistranslations of his original messages and work together with other churches, rather than regard them as enemies, as there is only one truth.
    One of these misconceptions is that one only lives once. The fact of reincarnation for all must be recognized.
  • minister to the hungry and poor throughout the world and improve their standard of living. ("feed my sheep")

Those churches which ignore His corrected teachings will not survive. His model church is being created under the name "First Church of St Germain", which has already been incorporated and will operate healing and teaching centres under the name "Sananda Center" and the first books containing his revised teachings are being published by the First Church of St Germain shortly.

Sananda and St Germain work very closely together.

One of the main problems with messages allegedly received from the Higher realms is that one must be telepathic in order to receive accurately. Sananda has stated that all congregations of all churches should have at least one telepath who can communicate with Him and receive messages, otherwise churches which ignore his new doctrines will soon disintegrate. The people (let's use the church's term of members and 'adherents') are becoming more and more knowledgeable and are questioning what they have been taught - which common sense often tells them cannot be right.

To help correct this problem a Guide to Telepathy is being put together which is free of charge.

Telepathy is becoming very popular and telepaths are grouping together to verify the accuracy of the messages they receive. This has had a profound impact on information being distributed at this most important juncture in the history of mankind.






Master Sananda, the Cosmic Christ, was the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, the Ray of Brotherhood, devotion, peace and patriotism until December 31, 1959 when beloved Master Nada fully took on the office. Master Sananda has taken a new position as World Teacher and is in charge of reforming today's religions and creating a Universal Church. According to Master St. Germain, " . . . Master Sananda holds the office of the personal Christ as the great exemplar of each one's own Holy Christ Self." Master Sananda has the task of purifying the Christian Churches and removing the man-made dogmas and doctrines, which have corrupted the purity of His teachings.

During his incarnation as Jesus, He came to teach us all that we have the power to create and heal. Jesus said, "These and greater things than these shall you do." (John 14:12.22)

He demonstrated God through His healings, His crucifixion and His resurrection. On the outer plane, in the material world, He manifested the path of the Initiate. The path of every spiritual seeker will eventually result in the seeker's spiritual birth, spiritual death or death of the ego/personality/physical body and spiritual resurrection in the Light of the Spiritual Realm.

Regardless of your religion, you may call upon Ascended Master Sananda to aid and assist you in any area of your life. Whether you believe He is the only Son of God, or whether you consider him an Ascended Master Who came to earth as The World Teacher and Healer, you may call upon Him. He, indeed, came to earth to create a new religion that might unite men. Unfortunately, the Christian Church has distorted some of His teachings, and has become what I personally believe was never intended, exclusionary. I believe that Master Sananda, as Jesus, intended that the Words of God be given in a way that would be comprehensible to, and would include, every man, even the most common of men.

Call upon Master Sananda to awaken within your heart the Christ Consciousness, which already burns in your spiritual heart as a small white flame. Ask that He assist you in expanding your awareness of the Christ Consciousness that resides within you. Ask that He assist you in walking the path of Divinity, which He Himself walked almost two thousand years ago. Call upon Him to heal your heart and awaken your own inner Divine Spark. 

He works with Archangel Uriel to bring peace, brotherhood, service and freedom to people.


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Sananda is a FRAUD!

Sananda is an impostor! He was NOT embodied as Jesus Christ, and he is a liar of the worst kind. Do not be taken in by his deception. One thing to think about is that when all truth is revealed (which will be very soon) there will be no need for religions or churches, and Sananda's insidious lies will come to light for all to see!


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As a friend of mine mentioned

As a friend of mine mentioned today the term "Church" is a term that can be used for ANY gathering of people that come together with similar beliefs. The heart of the "Church" is to gather and discuss and assist each does not have to be based upon dogmas.    Here's the Bible quote I randomly found on Sunday that fits perfectly with what I am explaining.  


Matthew 18:18-20

*Jesus speaking*

-"I tell you the truth.  The things you dont allow on Earth will be the things God does not allow.  The things you allow on Earth will be the things that God allows."

-"Also, I tell you that if 2 of you on Earth agree to something, then you can pray(*prayer is merely focused energy*) And the thing you ask will be done for you by my Father in Heaven.  This is true because of 2 or 3 come together in my name, I am there with them."




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The Second Coming

I thought Maitreya as expressed via Benjamin Creme was leading the Office of the Christ as World Teacher and was in fact the personage who overshadowed Master Jesus in his mission in Palestine.


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That's the funny part Sananda

Who knows honestly.  It's only a name.  A label used to describe a being.  Who is to say for certain.  Yet I swear I've experienced such gatherings such as these in dreamtime.  So who is to say for certain.  Blessings!

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