Say Good-bye to Woe

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God said:

Beloved, free yourself from all your internal cross interrogations. They visit you rudely and at length. You go over and over these cross examinations. You wear yourself out. You would like to erase them and stop dredging up what you didn’t say and so wish you had said. No longer belabor the past.

You don’t get anywhere. You pick at yourself and repeatedly get nowhere yet go through the interrogation process as though somehow, someway you will do better this time. You keep wounding yourself without getting anywhere. You have already punished yourself enough. You may go on and on to no avail.

Yes, get off this treadmill and the appearance of powerlessness. You tend to go over the same damaged goods, getting nowhere and yet, as if, self-hypnotized, you keep going on and on about what someone said or did that rankles you. You keep pounding away at another’s errors and your own as if glued to earphones. You may bring back the bad news and play it over and over without mercy. Your mind keeps fiddling with the dials.

Ask Me and your own Self to stop this parody once and for all. Ask:

“God, I beg You to replace this script for me. What in God’s Name is wrong with me that I can’t let go of this subject? What do I think I am doing? This isn’t minor in my book. God.

“God, I am like a terrorist who tortures myself. Please help me to turn this off. Am I doomed to keep going over and over my life to no end? Once an unremitting replay is enough.”

Beloved, you are faithfully under a spell from the past. You try too hard to get all this off your mind. Release these unfortunate thoughts. They give you a headache. How do We get your mind off yourself altogether?

You don't have to go down Memory Lane, for you may compound your sense of helplessness. You repeat and repeat and, you listen in on yourself again.

Remember White-Out? Metaphorically paint over the front page of your news with a paintbrush of white house paint and let go of faulting yourself. Or start laughing out loud or run two miles at a clip or climb the Empire State Building or shorten three pairs of jeans.

It’s no secret to you that you have better things to do than replay wrongs done to you, or worse yet, wrongs you left behind for others.

You understand that there is a certain vibration that woe calls out. Why would you carry past woes with you – why would you?

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