The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age by Joel D. Anastasi

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Gabriel warns, because our democracy is now dominated by huge global concentrations of wealth and power that have greatly reduced the power and influence of the individual, which is fundamental to the success of democratic societies. It is the few “seeking through their greed to control and dominate the many, rather than creating for the many an experience of equality and provision, support, compassion, love and prosperity.” These powers are working to undermine mankind’s unity by fostering conflict, separation, and disunity and by gaining control through fear. “Create that war on terrorism, keep them fearful,” he says, is a current manifestation of this strategy. He tells us to “wake up” because our leaders have been “bought and sold” by these powerful international consortiums. We must take back our democracy through the power of one—first alone, and then together in unity.