Setting the Dial Tone of Your Life

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God said:

By now is it a surprise to you that Life doesn’t always suit you? In fact, it may appear that you very well expect Life to let you down. You may gripe about Life’s uncooperativeness. I request that you not be affronted by Life to the extent that you may give yourself over to discontent.

Surely you may feel that Life must stop tripping you up. If only Life would not be so ornery. Ah, if only you would give Life a handshake.

You may feel you are up against it in Life and that it has always been so. You may feel you are banging your head against the wall or giving up on the equipment you are using that is out of hand. Your computer, your car, for instance, won’t do as you wish. You identify this as frustration. You are fit to be tied, yet what good does this do you or anyone?

You may find Life obtuse. You may infer that Life is out to get you, that too many of the people in your Life are obstinate, and one-sided. Where is your friendly attitude toward Life? You carry an image of Life that doesn’t suit you. Life doesn’t sit right with you. You are certain this shouldn’t be. Your frustration mounts. You are sure that Life is to open doors for you right and left.

You seem to have one of two main interpretations of Life – smooth-sailing or dreadful interference. Something catches in your craw. Life bombards you. Day after day, you catch yourself in a trap. Frustration wraps you around its little finger. You may throw down your hands and say to yourself: “What else could I expect anyway.”

And so you set the dial tone of your Life.

You tend to hop on a train named Frustration and see no recourse from it. To you, Life looks like a fly-by-night, a trickster. Life looks to you exactly like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No way you are going to take the bait again. Life may have gotten the best of you one-hundred times, but no longer will you allow it to. You are wise to Life now. You won’t put up with Life’s poor behavior any longer. You’ve been fooled enough. And so your guard is up. You are ready for a fight.

Beloveds, it isn’t exactly that you cause what occurs in Life, yet, nevertheless, you are responsible for how you deal with Life. What are you saying to Life? Please don’t see Life as an enemy that stands before you, for then you support enmity. You may tut-tut all over the place, yet, once again, you find Life guilty against you. Life, the sinner. You, the victim.

Life doesn’t hold grudges against you. It is you who holds grudges against Life. Are you trying to prove that Life is a scoundrel? Are you trying to prove that you are unfavored? Why would you do that?

Give Life a hand up. Smile at it. You don’t have to flatter it. You also don’t have to be opposed to Life and show Life that you’re not going to allow it to treat you shabbily ever again. What a way to present your face to Life. What are you thinking!

Life has not always been a bad guy with you. There is a lot to be said about your being open to Life and welcoming Life. You can set the tone of a relationship. You can be courteous. You can say thank you. You can open a long ribbon of harmony. It may sound corny to you, yet you can bring out the Best in Life. You can encourage Life. You can keep your Heart wide open.

Is it a fool who welcomes Life, or is it wise man? You don’t need to be resigned to the past nor do you have to keep on seeing Life as stepping on you. Greet Life.

Put your arm around Life’s Shoulder and say, “Hey, Life, glad you’re here!”

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