~Sheldon Nidle Update~ We are a step closer

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2 Ik, 10 Xul, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return with some interesting news. Recently, a flurry of legal activity and agreements concerning the new governance has set the stage for asking our heavenly advisers for a final go-ahead to start manifesting your new reality. Those who have run your world for so long continue to lead your realm toward a series of massive economic and diplomatic disasters. To us, this inevitability is a sure sign that the moment has come for more significant intercession on our part. To this end we have instructed our liaison teams to inform their earthly counterparts about the amount of time remaining before we are compelled to engage extensively with your global situation to prevent a meltdown. Your forms of government and the characteristics of your economic and financial systems lie at the heart of your overwhelming difficulties, and it is clear that these spheres of activity need to be upgraded in a hurry. Europe is near the point of a collapse that is to take down most of the First and Second World's economies. There is no answer to this prospect, as things now stand, except an unspeakable worldwide economic disaster. This alone validates our direct intervention.

   We are deeply concerned that the amount of time needed to implement the necessary measures will continue to overrun the suggested deadlines. Our experience with your world has shown that 'unexpected' problems always pop up suddenly to delay the projected forecast of events given to all of you. We went along with this only because of the positive results ascribed to these holdups by our heavenly advisers and we understand their wisdom and excellent reasoning. Nevertheless, the intensifying severity of your circumstances now indicates a more assertive approach. Your world deserves better. Our mandated goal is a first contact with you, and there are moral and legal implications surrounding this event for which we are responsible. We come not to usurp your prerogatives but to promote your return to freedom, personal sovereignty, and most of all, full consciousness. This means we will act only after we are fully cognizant of the impact and consequences of these actions on your world. For this reason, intervention on our part will be undertaken in an atmosphere of easygoing and calm elucidation of our every move and intention.

   A very special moment in your history is approaching rapidly, which is of course the completion of the collapse of the temporal aspect of your reality. This should be accompanied by a whole new level of comprehension about the nature of the reality you live in. Your rise in consciousness also demands an expanded perspective on the nature of this living reality. Indeed, your scientific paradigm is as challenged as your financial one! This in part explains the recent spate of quandaries that haunt those who cannot understand the nature and the scale of the 'anomalous' change they see happening around your world. A new reality construct is taking over from your old, rapidly fading paradigm, and your experts are increasingly at a loss. In late December these changes to your reality construct begin in earnest. This is a good reason to get our sacred allies' agenda manifested well before this date. The extent to which your world totters on the brink of disaster cannot be overstated and this naturally concerns us. We are watching this unfold and we wish to be released forthwith from our temporary, heavenly constraints.

   As a collective you are just beginning to comprehend the severity of your predicaments. Your world's economies are preparing for a house of cards-type collapse, which can plunge you into an unthinkable abyss with dire consequences for all. We wish to establish conditions that obviate this impending crash and which give our Earth allies a chance to succeed at what they have been working toward for so long. Their plans are ready to go and will enhance your lives by means of a new economy, new governance, and disclosure. In this more open and abundant environment we can begin to enlighten you on many fronts, including new perspectives on your history, your understanding of Spirit, and its relationship to a more relevant interpretation of science. You are encumbered with concepts that need either revision or to be ditched outright. An incredible new world of freedom and ideas is waiting for you, and it constitutes an important part of our pre-first-contact announcements.

   Blessings! We are your Ascended masters! We come to bring you some wonderful news! We are a step closer to finishing our part of a vast multifaceted event scenario that is to bring you a new reality. Our sacred associates are busily laying the groundwork for the arrest and trial of tens of thousands of those whose responsibility it is to daily run the dark cabal's financial and corporate-governmental machine. It is a well-oiled global juggernaut and is set up to maintain you in servitude. These arrests are to thoroughly dismantle this illegally begotten global labyrinth and permit the new system to literally slide into place, as much of it is already in place and waiting. We extend our blessings to Heaven and to our many associates for their gracious assistance on our behalf. We intend to establish on this surface world a place where Light can shine forth again and where everyone can bask in the sacred truths of the Creator and the precepts of the blessed, divine plan.

   Our primary sacred task over the millennia has been to keep the Light alive and, when possible, bring the wondrous power of the Light to all. This mission is ready to pierce the darkness engulfing this beloved realm and bring forth a new way that is to guide you to the point where you can clearly discern for yourselves your next steps on the path that is returning you to the magnificence of full consciousness. Our prayers have delivered, with Heaven's approval, a great fleet of ships which have come to complete what our associates and we have done to free you from the invading darkness that was launched upon you by the Anunnaki and their earthly minions some 13,000 years ago. Shortly you are to complete your time as people of this world and return to the beautiful lands of Agartha! Here you are to regain your natural powers and, with your Agarthan cousins, forge a new star-nation together.

   Your new star-nation is to be blessed by the local Spiritual Hierarchy and given a number of divine missions by AEON. You are to be honored for your hard-earned wisdom, and your wondrous abilities are to reunite and heal a fragmented and war-weary galaxy. Our task is to assist in your ongoing mentoring and use our own blessed wisdom to guide you as you configure your new star realm. We are in joy that our present task of keeping a path open to the Light through the millennia has finally reached the threshold where our new mission can begin! Long ago we asked Heaven to be granted this special task and were honored with our present status. Each of us is dedicated to bringing each of you to the portals of full consciousness and assisting our spiritual and space families in the sacred tasks of transforming the very essence of your dark realm.

   Today we talked about some of the situations that affect us all. Grand events are settling into place which will transfigure your world and, in so doing, turn it away from the horrors of the dark and toward the joys and graciousness of the Light. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)'




Repeating Message

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I take it all with a grain of salt.I had to stop reading this guys messages because none of their promises came true and really the messages are repeating themselves.

We love the Galactics, Aghartans and Masters. Why the lies?

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We had our hopes in the Agarthians, the Galactics, and the Ascended Masters, yet they keep on postponing everything: Disclosure, First Contact, the arrests of Illuminati, leaders, NESARA, contact with the Hollow Earth people, and the light control of TV and all media. 


Their credibility so near the ground and their childish trickery so obvious, now they are fooling around and promising a change for December 21, 2012.  See the trap of postponing at infinitum; are you swallowing hook line and sinker? 


To tell you the truth in my opinion it would be totally imprudent and foolish to keep on hoping swallowing their fabricated Mickey Mouse stories.

Yet I feel that something is off beam but I cannot put my finger on it, and I am bound to find out what is really happening behind the scenes.  So I have decided to carefully weigh and even distrust their cacophony promises of success and freedom for Earth.


I am almost convinced, as the evidence shows, that 12/21/12 will be just another day leading to another year. 


What I believe is that we have been had by those who are supposed to be on our side yet it is also possible that they are trying to teach us a lesson that answers originate from within first and then materialize in the physical, and not the other way around.  


Yet I find their intricate manipulation of the starseeds and lightworkers unpleasant, disappointing and unfair, a phony performance surprisingly resembling that of the dark.  


I cannot believe Sheldan Nidle anymore either.




Just now they are laying the

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Just now they are laying the groundwork for the arrests! I would think the groundwork would have been completed by now.


"we have instructed our liaison teams to inform their earthly counterparts about the amount of time remaining"

Yesterday would have been fine with me. Remaining time, soon, later, delay, unexpected.

And we wait as things continue to collaspe.



its like they dont even care

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its like they dont even care what the previous post said, or the last years post said. it feels like an infinite loop with reality as the only exit.

Sheldon Nidle Update

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Hmmm.....I can't help it, but these messages are starting to take on the same "flavor" that the messages from Greg Giles had, before he stopped channeling. This message in particular, doesn't "feel" right to me. I hope I'm wrong. I don't want to criticise anyone for their channelings. There is an air of desperation to them, that I don't like. 

Intersting, We understand, How about Just Trusting LOVE, WE DO

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Well, We post our trusted channels for sure and sheldon has always been one... but that never means that there could or would not be change in this. Read between the lines and Feel the Truth in his message. In The Truth Love is Manifesting and is an Unstoppable Energy which is Moving Into Love! No matter how it occurs! Our Last Update We Feel Speak Clearly of what is unfolding!  http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/galactic-free-press-update-charade-over-new-begin

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Dire messages for the future

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Dire messages for the future with reasons why the promised past hasnt happened yet......idk msgs do seem all the same anymore... how many times, or for the love of humanity, how many ways, can you say SOON before noone listens.  when noone listens what was it we lose? Freedom? Lives? Medical help? Money? Hope? hmmmmmm Best of Luck to All.  im sorry but to pick these kinds of messages for reblogging leaves me scratching my head in puzzlement

The cabal

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They live.


And I just visited with them and they said that Sheldon Nidle has been their best decoy to the masses that they will soon proceed with mass extenction of. Of course this like the messages from "the days, weeks, months and now years" that were "to come" and did come and went, have been so encourging and uplifting to you all, but now we can "disclose" to you the truth as the "events" that you have been awaiting will begin in the "hours" to come now and by this up coming weekend the planet that we will leave behind with you chumps on it will be obliviated, by Nibiru and the 26,000 blast from the center of the galaxy and WWWIII just before our departure.


Oh yes, I sure have enjoyed Sheldons inspirational messages that have said, "pretty soon" in the day and weeks to come, tomorrow afternoon, etc etc, but this is years later not days, weeks or months any more and you know good and well how much good NESARA would do for you now if it was a reality, 4 weekends worth of good due to the fact that in the next 4 "weeks to come" Nibiru will be here with it's shinning face of distruction.


You sure are suckers, don't for get to pay your taxes now like good little sheep, go to work, keep our system alive and well so we can afford to keep those pilots in your nice clean skies with our October surprise, and Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June, July, Augt, Sept, oh my the "days and weeks to come" have just went around the clock of gullibility for another year of the "years to come." Let's see where were we, oh yea, back to Oct, oops, that one's gone again, Nov, there we are in the "weeks" to come, Let me calulate it, awh, "two weeks" to come before Dec, oh my. What will I wear for my funeral??? I know lambs wool in sheeps clothing.


Oh yea that floride and GMO and HAARP and Chemicles to contain you and those under ground tunnels, TWO MILES DEEP, sheesh, man that took most of you SS and retirement funds, not to mention our off-planet facilities for us really special Elite ones and the air travel there, why that it self will take up all those tuitions you got loans for the young en's that you often find on a milk carton, oh that Vatican was the best idea we ever had, to make you fall under the "had" catagory. All this shit is expense, so if you could put in a little overtime for us in "the days and weeks to come" that will be greatly appreciated. Oh and we're only going to lie to you one more time. You have pleanty of time to get off the planet in "the days and weeks to come" hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh


You have gone for this close enough to the end that you have no time to effect any effecent outcome to your benifit now so this is why we can now illume you to the fact THAT YOU ARE TOAST!!! And there ain't nothin you can do about it now, sound like Billy Jack's movie hah. You have been so easy that we don't even need those FEMA camps that we prepared for you, and to keep the ones of you that live so close to them we hired Jessy Ventura to make it look like someone is out there protecting you and Mr Da'mass.


Hey, I got a good one fer ya, one in the hand is worthless when you got three hundred families of us in the "Bush." Tell me you got the "Bush" part of this senior? So go Bild-er on-beger, for you last meal, and sit on a Rock-ya little-feller, and J will P all over ya Morgan, cuz Bill is closing the Gates on you and Clinton's are coming with us. 


"Nothing in this script is true, but it's exactly how things are."


"Beware of those that give you false promises and bring you gifts that you will never see" maybe later, in "the days and weeks to come"


Nidle, maybe you should consider a regular job, because you are about to loose this one. You have gone too far with this and you've gotten under my skin deeper than the poision in from the chemtrails that "someone" continues with to this day, is that you guys? Really, who are you? Now you go tell your little friends to ck in with their masters in the heavens to let them have the right to assist us by, let's say, NOW would be a excellent time because it's the only time they know, but all their nows have been in "the dayyyyyyyyyssssssss and weeeeeeekkkkkks to come" and while you're in their awesome presence, teach them how to read gregoian time will ya?


I, speaking for all of us that YOU have led to this point of no return, want some anwsers of "who" is responsible for the continued lines of inacurate information that YOU have conditioned US with? Next time you post anywhere at all I, speaking for all of us, we want to see what just took place and we want it in print with factual evidence, to back it up and 8X10 colored photos of the scene of the incentdent and in our face real 3D, 4D and 5D facts, DNA tested support and real illusion 3D physical based holographic diagrams in stone before you ever get on here or any where else to post these missleading miss-conseptions.


Oh yea, they said we can bring our pets, I need to know how many cause I hooked up with a pair of "Big Foot" creatures that just love me and I have a Bear, Lion, Pterodactyl and a crockadile for entertainment just for you when we meet. And don't bother to run to the store for liquids I'll bring some tap water just for you and the alledged ones that have been leading us to where we are now with so much falsefication in their words to us.


This is my short version of words for you this time, next time I will elaborate on all the offences that you have made against the intellegence of humanity. I will include it in my third book, I just love a lot of talk, just like you do. But so far,up until this evening, in each and every blog, post or comment that I have written, it's all been the truth, do you know what that looks like on in print?


What are you really in this for, just the living? I an headed to the archives on your information over the resent "days, weeks, months and years and will be copying and pasting them just for our review and if you buy this crock and bull NOW, I will even through in magic blender of all your previous justifictions of why things didn't come out as predicted back in those, "days, weeks and months" that came and went.







David Porter

Author of the series


For you

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I read them for you, me and the rest of us.


I respect and appreciate this site and want to see that all the bloggers on it are in truth to us. As you know good and well the majority are easy prey to be led by nearly anyone or thing.


My work here is not yet complete. This is a great site that do a great job on presenting us with possibilities and I know they wish to be represented by those with truth, not just an emontinal make-you-feel good pump at the cost of being led or miss led down a path to a FEMA camp etc. Many of us here now have already been crusified by the cablas of many different timelines, The Vatican, Hitler etc, look at this with open mind to see you have already been let to the gas chambers as innocent ones in past.


I have "cut-off" several souces that continue to miss appropriate information to us. Many don't know it or will not own it that our mainstream media gives us news according to what they want, their leaders want and what the one's that pay them or are threat to them insist on.


Arn't you tired of being miss led on you own planet? You will be wise in assisting those who are willing to put there head out there for truth at all cost becuase what good is a life lived in lies?


Let us put a stop to the madness and insanity of accepting the rule of tyrants once and for all time.

A better way

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If you know of a better way to get to the truth, please show us that?


You have a unque way of expressing all that pent-up love you have, I love you too.

PS Nidle

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I am going to spend about a week going back in the archives and copy and paste every one of the "false promises" that you have made and place them in you face for all to review. I will set beside them any previous justifiactions that you have already made to us.

David Porter

Author of the series



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Just curious...and no I'm not trying to be an ass.

looking through the past posts by the GFP from Sheldan, is there a reason as to why his name is continually mispelled?

It's SheldAn, not SheldOn.

Just wanted to point that out in case it wasn't noticed...


Maybe the truth is coming out

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Maybe the truth is coming out and these channelers will be exposed for who they really are also. SaLaSa (Mike Quinsey) posted today 11/14. I have a problem with the second from last paragraph. First it mentions protection for Obama but then mentions exceptions and lastly mentions Kennedy shooting. As if saying Obama might not be protected. Another out. Maybe I am not reading the intended point but it did not feel right.

 Direct intervention, yes,


 Direct intervention, yes, W-H-A-T  A-R-E   Y-O-U   W-A-I-T-I-N-G  F-O-R ???

Good bye Sheldan

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I said goodbye to Greg Giles a few weeks ago because I had to. His messages devolved into some unreal nonsense that included signing people up for building sea walls. Really? The messages became repetitive and offered nothing new from one post to the next.  Greg himself took charge and stopped posting realizing he had become a tool of the Cabal


Now we have this situaltion.  Early on I really relished the messages that came through this Sheldan Nidle. However now, I have to agree with most of the comments below. These messages are simply repititious and, for me, they now ring hollow.


I hope you are what you say you are Sheldan, but I'm not listening anymore. You simply do not resonate for me any more and I am following My Heart first and foremost.


My fellow Lightworkers,


We have to do our own inner work.  We've been told that all along and we all know that to be true in our Hearts. Maybe because we are growing so fast we can see through the nonsense quicker than ever before.


If all the unhappy comments below are a sign of our individual awakening, then so be it. The truth for each of us remains Individual but Collective at the same.

Do Not Let Anyone, Sheldan Nidle, or otherwise, Define for you What You can Readily Find in Your Own Heart.

Go There for all your Facts and Information.  Tune In!  Listen!  Feel! and then Write it All Down.

You don't need Anyone Else's Truth anymore, You Need only the Truth from Inside Your Heart.


That's where I'm at these days.  If you are interested in the details of what I'm saying then go here, and by all means send me your thoughts. This is Not a Channeling - It comes from My Heart to Yours.