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God said:

Out of this world! The world you live in is out of this world! You stand in light, and light is your whole story. You may be unaware of the light, the extent of the light, yet you are light shining, and so you shine, and so life is, and you are – WE ARE.
How are you today? You are light. What are you doing today? You are lighting up the firmament. You, who are True Light, light up a firmament that reflects your light. How blessed is light, and how blessed the light you shine. Even when you feel absorbed by darkness, you are shining light. There is no turning your light off. Your light shines. Shine your light! This is what you do anyway. This is all that you are capable of. This is what you do. Light lights. You light up, and you are light. You are My Light. This is the long and the short of it.
Holy is your light. Your purpose here on supposed Earth, this beautiful supposed Earth, is to shine your light. It is not a casual statement to say that you are the Light of World. There is nothing else you can be. You are much more than a glimmer of light. You are light. Hail to the light that My children shine. Self-absorbed in daily life, you may well be unknown to yourself. What a party you attend. What a gala you participate in. You are the light that shines in My eyes. Holy is Our Alliance.
On one level of vision, you are dust to dust. On the true level of life, you are Light to Light, and your light burns brightly.
I beam the light you shine, and I beam in your light. Light surrounds Us. Light envelops Us, the One of Us. We are an esplanade of light. We shimmer, and We shine. We bask in the light of Our Own Making. Is this not a wonderful tale I tell? I tell you that all is a tale. Only the Light is True. Only the Silence of Light is True. You are True Light, beloveds. You are more than surface appearance. You are the bending and unbending of light on Earth.
I dreamed of you, and yet you are real. You are Reality. You are the playing out of Light. Shine your light brightly. Shining your light brightly is the order of the day. This is the display of your day. You are an Announcer of the Light That Is. You are the Twirler of it. You are light, and all is light, and never is light not. Never are you not. Always you are. You are steeped in light and nothing but light. And the light you light up is love, simple pure light that lights itself.
What a wonder is My Creation and everything held within, for My sole Creation is light and nothing but light. Light Is. We are light regardless of all the suppositions you hold. And holy is Our light. Holy is the Light of Life on Earth. It was never not lit, you understand. Light is all there is. Light has never been not. You are the Shining Glory of Light just as you are. You are always lit. Our light is intermingled. All is enshrined in light. More than that, everything is light, and that is all there is to it. So shine, beloveds. Shine so that all may see.