Shine in the Glory God Made You - Heavenletters

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God said:

To what end do you try to keep up with everyone else? You are you and not someone else. Of course, I am speaking in terms of the world, for, in truth, everyone you compare or contrast yourself with is you. On Earth, your individuality and personality are stellar.
There is no reason for you to follow everyone else, to attempt to, or attempt not to. Just be.
You don’t have to be an athlete or a scholar or anything else at all. All you have to do is to be you. There is no reason to sidetrack yourself. I want to say that what you desire to be, you already are, yet that doesn’t quite work for you. Perhaps you want to be a movie star, and you aren’t. Yet you are a life star. You are certainly the star of your life. Whatever you desire to be in the world, you are, beloveds, much more than that.
How dear you are to Me as you sally forth in the world. You forget your keys, or you forget the directions to where you are going. You may even forget where you are going, and, yet, just the same, you sally forth. You sally forth on a mission from Me. You may have forgotten. You most likely have forgotten. When you get to where you are going, you will remember. You will know the route you took, and you will be glad to be where you are. You will, after all, see clearly where you are and who you are and what you mean to Me and to the world.
Right now, you can know your value. You can know your earthly value and your value on a larger scale, the value that you don’t quite recognize or count on. You are spectacular. You are one spectacular human being. I made you as you are meant to be. I meant you to shine in the glory I made you of. How to excel is simply by being yourself.

“What, my misguided self!” you exclaim.
Yes, you who are so certain that you are less than I say you are. Defer to Me, beloveds. You are Greatness walking around. Beloveds, you can’t be sure that your mistakes are mistakes at all. It’s not across the board, yet the more certain you may be that you are right, the greater the possibility that you are mistaken. You are often mistaken about that which you are most certain about.
You are often unsure about that which you belong to be sure of.
You can be sure, level-headed sure, that you were Heaven-sent, that I created you and sent you forth, not to do battle, but to offer yourself as you would offer a chewy caramel. Offer good-nature. Good nature you always have to give. No longer try to convince yourself otherwise.
You are an angel I have sent forth to usher Me into the world. You can believe Me. You can believe Me that you are worth far more than what you attribute to yourself. There is no need to puff yourself up to shine in the world. I almost said wayward world. This has been true. You read lips in a wayward world very well, and you may not read My lips very well or count My words to be believed. This must be so, for, otherwise, you would grasp that you are the sunlight.
You are worth the esteem I hold you in. You are the salt of the Earth. Salt is salty not bitter. You are the spice of life. Be energized. Know whereof I speak. Hear Me well.