Shining Light

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God said:

When you carry resentment in your heart, you are not free, for resentment lugs you around. You are at its mercy. Resentment carries you over its shoulders and bumps you into walls and bruises you.

You have a heart that is meant for love, not resentment. You have a heart meant for softness, not hardness. This is true even when someone, in her own distress, seems to despise you. Her distress is contagious, and she would like to pass it on to you. It is a hot potato.

You need not accept everything that is handed to you. Another's rough edges do not have to rub off on you. Do not latch on to another's hard-heartedness. It doesn't belong to the other person either, but for convenience, let's say it belongs to them. They will dispense with it by and by. It is for you to dispense with now. Dispense with it now and forever. You want to be free, don't you? Give up resentment then.

The person who resents you wants to give you her resentment in exchange for your good will. She wants to steal from you. You have something she wants. It could be your good name. It could be your good fortune. She will not like the person she wishes to steal from. Do not allow yourself to sit on the seat of the other person's teeter-totter.

Do not steal your good nature from yourself. Do not give it away. It is precious. Do not let someone knock you down from your perch. Do not let them walk all over you either. You do not seem to know how to balance such difficulties. Meanwhile, you fall down. Now pick yourself up.

Do not give one resentment toward another. Do not amass resentment. Do not hold it close to you. You are more wonderful to refuse to accept another's judgment of you than you are to forgive. Get the one who resents you out of your mind. Let them go. If someone wants to resent you, let them. It is their business. Dirty looks do not have to hurt you.

The only person who can hurt your feelings is yourself. When someone is unfeeling or negative toward you, you don't have to burn in the fire.

You don't want anyone to shove you aside, nor should anyone try. Most of all, do not let anyone shove aside your peace of mind. Do not give another a piece of your mind. Do not tell them off, not even in your mind. Do not fragment yourself because someone else is fragmented. Do not cut your heart into little pieces. Your heart is precious to Me. It is, indeed, My heart. Would you stab My heart?

Get anguish out of your heart.

"But how," you say. "How do I do it? My heart is stubborn. It won't let go."

Your heart is willing to let go. Your heart wants to let go. It does not want to collect debris. It is your unrelenting mind that will not let go. Free your mind and your heart will be absolved of resentment. Free your heart from the past. Shake it loose. Think of other thoughts instead of the tormenting ones that have been going through your mind ad infinitum.

Find a way to escape thinking of yourself as wronged. Or, acknowledge that you have been wronged and walk away from it. Otherwise, you wrong yourself. You undercut yourself. You sentence yourself to despair. You override yourself. You eat poison. You can help yourself. Do not drink that last drop of bitterness. Toss it away. You are greater without it. Be My shining light.