Social Media, That Big Spiritual Cobweb, and The Way of Wyrd

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Years ago I read a great book called The Way of Wyrd. I highly recommend it for those of you enamored with Celtic lores.

Written by Brian Bates, The Way of Wyrd retraces the steps of a monk sent to scout the heathen lands of England with its Celtic druids and strange religions. I won't spoil the story but browsing social media and seeing the latest waves of looting reminded me of an ancient concept shared in The Way of Wyrd and by many ancient societies. That of the inter-relatedness of things or that big cosmic spiritual cobweb we are part of.

Growing up through my twenties, thirties, and even forties, all of these spiritual concepts felt real, normal, and de facto. But concepts they were and as much as I held them to be real, I had little proof. I didn't own them in a deep guttural level. It's not until life takes you through many experiences and their accumulation brings you to a stall point. Then, and only then can you stop and take scope, let go, and really get things deep within. That is what has been happening to me the past year or so.

Something happened with this last wave of Covid-19 pandemic scare immediately followed by the tragic death of George Floyd and the looting that took place. I found a deep peace and an interrelatedness that makes me feel how we are more alike than different. Of course, I knew it, but now I feel it, I even sense it. I see the face of people around me wanting to connect despite how different each and everyone is. Put in other words, we are looking in the same direction but wearing different clothes with different tastes.

I was reading and watching reactions online, mostly well-meaning and kind. And then I saw the mainstream news media focusing only on the sensationalist while leaving the peaceful protest to cover for the looting. It reminded me of that great cosmic spiritual cobweb we are part of. It is so important to not add more negativity to an already negative situation. And yet, that is what is happening, even by the most well-meaning folks.

A negative plus a negative is always a negative. A negative and even a positive is still only a negative. Only positive and positive have positive results. I realized that in order to be a positive part of the equation I had to find my point of balance. It can be done through very different means of meditations. In my case, I found peace by walking my friends' dogs wearing earplugs and dark glasses. It shielded me from my external trigger points. I hunkered down. I don't exchange much on Facebook. That place is as volatile as nitroglycerine. I became quiet, a starch difference to my innate outgoing nature. Instead, I focused naturally on the light within feeling a warm sensation of loving radiation. Now I feel part of that cosmic spiritual cobweb and hold myself in check for focusing on the positive.

Go figure, when times are tough, the tough get going? Or is it that for every right there is a duty? I can't remember but both are perfectly right. In either case, finding your balance and then focusing to add positive to it will have a beneficial result on everything. Even though a negative and a positive have a negative result, when enough positive is added to a negative situation it turns to a positive.