South Korea Has A 20 Mile Solar Bike Lane Providing Electricity To Nearby Areas

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bike-lane2A bike lane in South Korea sits in the middle of a highway and is fitted with a solar panel roof. The path stretches the 20 miles between the two cities of Daejeon and Sejong. In addition to providing a safe place for the cyclists to ride, the route also provides energy for nearby areas. The bike path has become so popular that a new lane is being planned around the city of Sejong that will stretch for 217 miles.

This idea is not to be confused with the solar bike path that opened recently in the Netherlands, which is a solar roadway. This project is a bit different since it is a pavement road with a solar roof.

As we have been reporting recently, solar energy is on pace to become the dominant form of energy on the planet. Many experts have predicted that this shift will be occurring in the next few years, as solar technology becomes cheaper and more available to the average person.


There have been many breakthroughs in solar harnessing technology recently, and a variety of creative devices are being installed all over the world.


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