Spectacular Photos Reveal Newly Protected Great Bear Rainforest (PHOTOS)

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In a world often filled with saddening news in relation to the state of our environment, I’m happy to share a positive announcement about a temperate rain forest in British Columbia, Canada.

The stunning Great Bear Rainforest of B.C. is approximately 6.4 million hectares in size, runs along the Pacific coast of the Canadian province, and is home to dozens of animals — including cougars, wolves, and the kermode bear (a unique subspecies of the black bear).

Thanks to new legislation passed earlier this week, 85% of the rainforest is now protected from logging. Both Conservationists and First Nations people have been fighting for the protection of this rainforest for over 20 years, so it’s great to see at least 85% of it come into place.

Like all natural environments, the Great Bear Rainforest is absolutely stunning, and to help celebrate its preservation, National Geographic released a series of photos from within the depths of the gorgeous land. Here are some of the images from their gallery; to view the full gallery click here.

Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic
Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic
Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic
Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

Photo by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

This success story is another living example of the power in persistence and collective action. We may often feel powerless to create the world we wish to live in, but just as the Conservationists and First Nations people effected real change with Great Bear, we too can achieve whatever we put our minds and hearts towards.




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