Off-Stage - Heavenletters

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God said:

Know this: An answer will always come. An answer, a solution, is always waiting in the wings. You do not need to know an answer ahead of time. Life is easier for you when you do grasp that an answer will always come to you, dawn on you, or arrive even when you are not looking.
Does a response have to be the one you desire? Of course not. Yet, if you could see all the unweaving, you would stop fussing, for goodness and mercy do follow you all the days of your lives, even when you are sure you have been knocked about.
Winning isn’t always winning. Losing isn’t always losing. You must have a clue to this by now.  The fact is that you are always on the winning team. There is only winning. You don’t always know this because you have your heart set on a certain outcome, and you cannot quite see beyond your disappointment. You do have to dis-appoint yourself from foregone conclusions you make. You may have thought you were to climb Mount Everest, and life tells you that you are to climb Mount Killimanjaro or sail a boat on the Indian Ocean. Life is like that, yes? Life is unpredictable, yet you predict it with a finality. You are so sure about what is supposed to be. Your very surety is a sure sign that you don’t know. 

If you are in a relay race, there are relays that you cannot even imagine, and, yet, your willful mind says your race has to be this way and not that. Somehow, you miss the point. You had a vision in mind, a version in mind, yet you didn’t know enough. You bet on the wrong horse.
This is not a tragedy. There are no tragedies in life except as you proclaim them. You are learning something in the world, even as you are bewildered. Likely, you are a reluctant  bewildered human being in a bewildering world.
It is hard for you to believe that the answer is the right answer at that time. Listen to this: There are no mistakes in life. There is, however, plenty of mistaking life. Your interpretation of events is off. Life unfolds as it unfolds, and life knows what it is doing. Life may be hard to take, yet the hustle and bustle of life has a better handle on life than you do.
How hard you fight life. You can’t change life once the deed is done. You can’t. However, life often changes of itself.
Somehow you have to let go of the idea that life has to be according to your wishes. Life often is. Life usually is, yet you may have been unaware. Yes, you have been unaware. Had you truly been aware, if you had known enough, if you had seen far enough beneath the surface, you might not be so argumentative. Tragedy is a name you assign to what has befallen – what you see as having befallen. Life may seem like a pig in a poke, yet life is not a pig in a poke.
Life is a playing out of an energy, and much goes on off-stage. Therefore, you see gaps. Therefore, you see the unexpected. And, yet, although there is much that looks like chance, it has been part of a design.
If you could accept that life knows what it is doing, how much happier you would be. In any case, there is nothing for you to do but to take life the way it occurs. You do not have all the pieces of the puzzle. Life is never meant to be a defeat. There is meaning in everything even when you can’t fathom it. And so you move on and forgive life for not following the scenario you would have chosen. You don’t know what will happen next. And, yet, even an accident is not an accident. No matter what occurs, I, God, am in your corner, and there is fulfillment for you in the offing.