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Published on Jul 15, 2013



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Thanks for posting, I was able to make arrangements to attend the last two days. Does anyone know of any other GFP members attending? It would be fun to say hello in person.

Also, if it's not being covered, I could do a little reporting while I am there. I feel my guides letting me know I should plan to take some notes and do some sharing.

Lots of Love






Thanks, Lindsay

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I won't be able to attend this one, but I have met and talked with Chief GoldenLightEagle...

I think everyone should watch some of his YouTube videos, esp. the one where he talks about the ship that landed in his backyard...

He was a school teacher then...

Subsequently he gave 4 of these conferences a year for 4 years, then spirit told him to take a break....

Recently has given several more of them...

YES, you should take notes and report here on GFP...

Blessings,  Adi

Ascension Rising and Star Knowledge Conference Report...

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I am sitting at the Palm Springs airport after of course opting out of the dna scatter machine. The Ascension Rising Conference in Sedona and the Star Knowledge Conference in Palm Springs both went extremely well despite some major challenges, the usual disrupters, monarchs and handlers. The talks and workshops went extremely well with incredible downloads, initiations and information coming in. The benevolent Annunaki, Andromedans, Sirians, Pleiadians and other masters all made their presence known in an undeniable way even for many who were not sensitive. Some walked out of the workshops like a deer in the headlights. There was a lot of clean up in Sedona with regenerate E Ts Palm Springs as well. At night it was like an old black and white movie with beings coming nonstop for clearing with discarnate spirits, a few black sorcerers and remote viewers peeking in. Luckily I had lots of help seen and unseen. Joseph, Ashli and Nathan the lion hearted were there, he actually looks like a lion, to hold the light and anchor in the higher consciousness and energy. I also had help from Michelle and company who took a lot of the load off at Giant Rock by going there earlier and releasing the local native americans on their journey to the light.

The last time I went to Giant Rock for the Contact in the Desert conference I saw the adjacent hills covered with spirits. They were the ancestors which gathered there in great numbers in the past. Many were in need of healing. I knew I had to return be complete in my work. When I arrived the mountains were clear just a few stragglers which we called upon White Eagle and Buffalo Calf woman to assist. We also generated a vortex for others with assistance from the Andromedans and Inner Earth Folks both of which allowed us to see their ships. An amazing picture was taken which we will share later of the group phasing out becoming transparent with light badges etc. It is amazing. When coming down the trail very close to where we were a stack of crystals was there after the ceremony. There is no way we could of missed it coming up. I little gift left there so show us they were with us. The vortex remained with dark purple and violet energies. It is charging the crystalline grid creating a new timeline.

We also saw ginormous flashes of light, large lights moving up and down across the desert and a few bombs in the far off distant bombing range. The moving lights that morphed and flashes were not tied into the bombing range. It was tied into the Andromedan and Inner Earth ships. One good thing is I sold all my stock, books, dvds, etc. and did not have to lug anything back. Lots of seeds were planted. We never know the effects of our work later and I hope the information kick starts some and validates others. All in all it was an amazing journey with lots of tests and initiations. Cant wait to get back to the ranch, sort it all out and recalibrate. We engaged some 9th dimensional beings on this journey and in doing so you never come back the same. Big Thanks to Chief Golden Light Eagle a long time friend, his family, Sierra and company at Galactic U for the invite and opportunity to serve. Be well,
James Gilliland

PS I will be covering this on the radio shows, sorry to miss a couple.