Star Ships on Thailand Sky- 13.aug2012. (They cleaned and healed us)

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They uplifted our soul by showing themselves. If i share this real story which happened about 2 hours ago, it may do the same uplifting affect on you. so hold on.. here is what happened:


13 aug 2012. Pai city, Thailand.

My wife  Yuuka and me, we are backpacking in Thailand. recently we are in Pai City. tonight  after dinner we while we were walking, we entered into a camping site. there was a camp fire area but no fire. not even smoke. (woods looked like used previous day) we layed down on our backs and began gazing sky. it was 8/7 cloudy. i closed my eyes and called telapathicly Galactic federation of light. . in my mind i said: our star brothers and sisters, Pleiadians, Sirius people, Arcturians and other star nations, our star families, please send your light and love energy on us now and let us feel your presence. just a second later a strong energy began flowing on us, strong and beautiful. My wife surprised. i said her that i called star people. (She is a psychic person who can see the energies behind the eyes capacity). i was feeling the energy but she was also watching. she pointed out with her finger behind the clouds some direction. she said a star ship, a big one arrived. we were so over excited. she was watching the energy of the ship behind the clouds. then i closed my eyes and again contacted them: i asked: please please show us a light. all of a sudden a wind began blowing and the thick clouds opened just above us. and the dead fire woods began smoking. we excitedly watched the small space above us. with in 1 minute, not more, like a bullet, a flash of light crossed this litle space and we screamed with joy. then she got more excited, she pointed several different directions in the cloudy sky. she said many more star ships arrived. they are big. she said one was red color, another one was ring shape. we saw the ring lights behind even the thick clouds. she said one was triangular. she said there were the energies of different star nations.

thsthey beamed on us different energies. as my wife told me the energy which they sent on me was cleaning my high heart chakra and my third eye, they sent on her heart healing energy (she needed), and they sent energies to her womb for tuning our 2 months old baby (featus). she said they sent on her tuning energy. this energy content some information, also reminded her of her true self.


i hope hearing this uplifts your souls too..



our star brothers and sisters, our families are here in the skyes of mother Earth. They are listening us when we intend and talk to them.they are sending their energies when we ask from them. they are healing and cleaning us when we ask from them.


my heart is overflowing with joy and happiness.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU my leading angel, my guiding spirits, my guardian angels, thank you for leading me to this dark corner, thank you for giving me the instinct to call them.



THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  our star brothers and sisters, our star families, thank you Galactic federation of light, thank you all star nations, thank you for showing us your selves, thank you for healing and cleaning us, thank you for uplifting us.


we are almost there. almost there.. waiting moment to give you one real hard and warm human hug. 


Peace and love all readers. 






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Thank you for sharing Love and light to all.


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Blessings and love to you & your family! Beautiful & uplifting story- my appreciation, friend.

Thank you for sharing this,

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Thank you for sharing this, tears started to run down my face as I read this!Reading this for me it was more confirmation. Last week on 8/8, I was meditating and I got a message, "go outside for a walk and look in the sky". While we were walking I noticed a lot of what looked like to be stars in the sky, but I have never seen that many stars ever so I thought it was strange. I was asking in my mind "where are you" and all of a sudden when I looked up I saw 3 stars in equal distance from one another making what seemed to be a perfect triangle. I also saw what looked like a very faint cloudy white line connecting all 3 lights(stars). I mentioned to my boyfriend and he thought it was just a coincidence but when it didn't go away and moved as if it were with us watching over us while we walked he said it seemed like it was too perfect to be a coincidence. I told him I thought it was a shipbut we just came home. The next night I looked again but the "stars" weren't there. When I read your wife saw a triangle shaped ship, I knew instantly that what I saw the other night was a ship. I live in Fort Lauderale, FL. I'm gonna try talking to them more, I'm knew to all this but it's so exciting!Thanks so much for sharing your experience!Much love and light!

I have to pop in here because

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I have to pop in here because you experience is awesome too!! Sending Peace, Joy, Light and LOVE to YOU and to ALL! NOW! :) <3

So beautiful and exciting!!

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So beautiful and exciting!! Thank you Strongwings for sharing such an awesome experience. My spirit was soaring with you and Yuuka, your darling wife,and new starseed baby jewel. I relished in the fact that you stopped and paused and pondered the Divine connection..I am still learning to connect the dots in many ways.. LOL...I delighted that you called each star family personally to come.. AND they ALL showed up!! LOL! Yea! So Peacefully exciting!


This is not only an exciting account, it's a lesson to actually call our Galactic Family..They've been telling us that for awhile..Just call on them and they'll be there...I find it's so loving and joyful how they even played lights for you..


I've noticed nights where there are hardly any stars out and all of a sudden there are a zillion stars above..Starships every one!! You can see them on and on...I've been seeing and following triangle formations in the heavens for many years and thought everyone sees them. I didn't realize some people didn't notice or see them until a friend shared with me that she saw her very first triangle formation just the other night..remarkable..every experience like this is remarkable to me and cause for much celebration.. LOVE is everywhere present...Feelings of Divine LOVE feeling this way..almost overwhelming yet so delightful..soon everyone will see ..I am so looking forward to that most awesome day when ALL are awakened and free from fear and/or terror of an alien invasion..KNOWING our Galactic Family are here in Peace, Joy, Light and Love for ALL! .I am so thankful knowing the LOVE our brothers and sisters have for humanity..


Gotta go now..I'm headed out to the beach for some "star" gazing and family communications from above..Sending much Peace, Joy, Light and Love to You and ALL! NOW! :) <3 I LOVE YOU!!


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thank you beautiful soul. i hope you have your connections tonight full power :)


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that was very uplifting for me. so beautiful, thank you.

Gratitude to Strongwings and family for sharing

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I am sooo very uplifted by your story, your honesty and excitement.  Fot me this is the most exciting time EVER> I am 70 yrs. young but... be carrying a Light Baby right now....What a gift. You are blessings to each other. It shows in your sharing. Thank you more than I can express. Love Light and Laughter, Carolyn


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thanks so much to all of you for your beautiful comments , thank you/

LOVELY! Just LOVELY!!! Thank

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Thank you So much for sharing your very special, healing experience with us!
You are BLESSED!!