Star Travel The Experts Way

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This excerpt from Lesson 7 talks about The Singularity as the place of total improbability, a region of overlapping timelines so crowded and dense with possibilities that the "rules" of reality break down. 


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It is through The Singularity that highly evolved star travelers journey through the cosmos. These advanced consciousness beings travel in enormous vessels comprised of their fused consciousnesses, huge light vessels made of many many lightbodies. Being made of pure light, these travelers utilize the pathways of light emanating from stars (such as The Sun) and submerge themselves fully in Source consciousness, emerging from The Singularity as re-birthed beings. 

These are the starpeople that you want to interact with! Basically, if a being requires some form of clank-clank metal spaceship in order to literally fly across space, they are not that advanced. The truly advanced ones are made of pure energy, or light, and can surf the cosmic waves of consciousness using the highest form of technology that exists: love powered spiritually connected light bodies. 

And the good news is, each one of us has the potential to evolve into one of these soul surfing Ascended alien consciousnesses, and live on a grand scale, journeying across the cosmos from star to star.