~Starseed Transmissions~from Ken Carey's

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 ~Excerpt from Ken Carey's Book ~Starseed Transmissions~

~Our mission is to bring a pre-fall state of awareness to all human beings who are able to respond, however different they may be, whatever background they may have come from, using whatever conceptual structures seem appropriate. These individuals will then be instructed to translate this awareness into forms of informational exchange appropriate to their respective cultural situations.

Eventually, the psychic pressure exerted by a critical mass of humanity will reach levels that are sufficient to tip the scales. At the moment, the rest of humanity will experience an instantaneous transformation of a proportion you cannot now conceive. At that time, the spell which was cast on your race thousands of years ago, when you plunged into the worlds of good and evil, will be shattered forever. Even now, with the healing influx of new information, the spell is beginning to lift. The materalizing force fields of bondage and limitation are beginning to loose their influence on consciousness.

Do you want to know more about ET's? Do you want a definition of angels? We are you, yourself, in the distant past and future. We are you as you were, would have been and still are, had you not fallen from your original state of grace.

The physical Garden of Eden lasted for many centuries of Earth time before the momentum of the materializing processes caused you to rely so much upon the physical senses that you became cut off from the direct nourishment of divine light.

In reality, you have never been cut off from this nourishment, but as your sense of identity became almost exclusively wedded to your physical bodies, their growing density began demanding more and more Earth substance for their support. You finally reached a point where you could no longer meet the demands of your physical bodies without "work". It is at this point that your chronicles state that you were "driven from the Garden". In truth, you were never driven from the Garden. The Garden is still there, surrounding you even now.

Thus, the whole process of the Fall was accompanied by the corresponding fragmentation of your sense of identity, your very sense of self. By the time of the Physical Garden of Eden, you were already perceiving yourself to be more than one. Even to this day, these apparently separate beings are but your own fragmented reflections. In the fallen state, you perceive them as separate and distinct.

Yet, despite all the talk of a fall and original Sin, you are not born into sin. You are born daily into the Presence of God, yet daily you re-enact the original foolishness that is recorded in all your ancient chronicles. Daily you commit Original Sin and it is from moment to moment that you keep yourself imprisoned by allowing a dubious rational thought process to come between you and your immediate sensing of God's will.

You are now, in effect sleeping under the influence of what could almost be seen as a spell, an illusion that prevents natural birthright. Our mission to this planet is to awaken you from sleep by whatever means necessary. ~

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