Staying Home Until Reaching the Core Root, Then Rebuild as it Pleases You

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"In the Great Beginning, there was nonbeing; there was no being, no name. Out of it arose One; there was One, but it had no form. Things got hold of it and came to life, and it was called Virtue. Before things had forms, they had their allotments; these were of many kinds, but not cut off from one another, and they were called fates. Out of the flow and flux, things were born, and as they grew they developed distinctive shapes; these were called forms. The forms and bodies held within them spirits, each with its own characteristics and limitations, and this was called the inborn nature. If the nature is trained, you may return to Virtue, and Virtue at its highest peak is identical with the Beginning. Being identical, you will be empty; being empty, you will be great. You may join in the cheeping and chirping and, when you have joined in the cheeping and chirping, you may join with Heaven and earth. Your joining is wild and confused, as though you were stupid, as though you were demented. This is called Dark Virtue. Rude and unwitting, you take part in the Great Submission."

I love digging into these old springs of wisdom wealth. This passage is a good reminder to get back at the source while we are confined home. As we strip the many layers and finally get to the Core, the Root is still there and we can hack away any outgrowth no longer needed.

Shelley's Creator Writing also gets it perfectly well with her channeling of Archangel Michael:

"Shelley’s Note: One of the things that has always amazed me over the years of working with Gabriel is how often he gives information before you need it. Yesterday this recent daily message from March 7 came back into my awareness and I was struck by how it so perfectly applies to what we are going through right now. Since it is thursday I decided to share it again as a throwback thursday post because I feel that it even though I just recently shared it, it has more impact today than the day it was posted. I hope you are being safe, honouring your needs and feelings, and are able to find some of the gifts this peeling back process is opening up for us. We are all in this together.


Many of you, as you have wrapped up the first phase of your incarnation, may have found your life stripped down to bare essentials. You have left the old behind, you haven’t quite connected fully to the new, and may feel in a state of suspended animation or unsure of how to proceed.

This phase is much like doing a complete renovation on a home you have lived in for a long time but has become outdated. In order to really update it, it is often necessary to ‘take things down to the studs’. You peel everything back to the basic structure so you can examine all the systems in place, make any repairs that are necessary, and then start to rebuild. It’s not uncommon to find beautiful things, as well, that have been hidden from view until you began this process!

The wonderful thing about a complete remodel is you get to choose what matches who you are today. You may desire more open space, different conveniences that weren’t available before, and completely new decor that resonates with you. You can make wise choices based on the options that are available to you now, because you have lived in the home for a long time and are well aware of what limitations you no longer wish to live with.

While the renovation stage can seem disruptive and be very uncomfortable (and sometimes full of unexpected surprises), it is always setting you up for far more satisfaction and comfort when it is complete. It is a restructuring designed to support you for the next phase of your incarnation, all created on your preferences and desires.

So if you are in a stripped down stage in your life, know that you are in a powerful phase of creating anew in ways that will ultimately delight and serve you for a long time to come. The end result is always worth it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young"

How uncanny...