Stepping into 2015 as Multilayered Beings of Inclusiveness

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Beloved ones, you are standing on the threshold of a great change -- entering a new year which always marks a shift. But in this case, it marks the place where humanity is released from so many of the concepts which have kept it tied and grounded to a world of seeming physicality and limitation.

This is the year when freedom comes. This is the year when enough human beings realize that they are creating with the heart and turn on the light so that life may be recognized for the pure freedom that it is: The freedom of Love to create this moment's experience and to dive into the wonder of expression on many levels at once.

This is the time when you become multi-layered beings. When you are available to recognize all the things that are happening at once. Where you can dance as a human being, participate in the storyline of the world that you choose, while all the while being completely awake to your open heart rejoicing in your limitless true nature and participating in the great cosmic movement of Love.