Steve Beckow ~ Love, Trust and Forgiveness: The New Pattern for Nova[New] Earth

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Love, Forgiveness, Trust 2

For many years, my own research lay in the area of finding patterns in things and I’m finding that the Mother’s continuing baptism of clarity makes many patterns easier to see.

One pattern I see relative to the uncovering of unitive consciousness and the building of Nova Earth is that it seems essential that we embody three divine qualities, each one relative to the past, present or future.

The Divine Mother mentions the three divine qualities here: “Long ago, we have told you that the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love.” (1)

Forgiveness is the divine quality related to completing the past; love is the divine quality related to relating to each other in the present; and trust is the divine quality related to managing our future.

Forgiveness relates to the past

In the old paradigm of fault and blame, when someone didn’t do what we wanted, we followed a plan to control them that Werner Erhard called “resist, resent, revenge.” We’d demean and punish those who didn’t work to our benefit.

We justified harming others on the basis of “teaching them a lesson,” “showing them a thing or two,” or similar cliched approaches. When one person or group harmed another, the second person or group would “even up the score,” “give back what was dished out,” etc.

In the new paradigm, if we’re to connect as a global community in a world that works for everyone, forgiveness is essential. We’re asked to forgive all those who’ve harmed us, to ask forgiveness from all that we may have harmed, and even to forgive ourselves for having unwittingly or wittingly harmed others.

Love relates to the present

In the old paradigm, we were looking out for Number One. Selfishness was the order of the day. Some even glorified greed.

We spoke of enlightened self-interest as ruling our economic affairs. But it didn’t provide a foundation strong enough to prevent one economic debacle after another. Probably it was never intended to.

We saw life as a zero-sum game where for every winner there was a loser. For some to win, it was said that others had to lose. This sanctioning of loss, this allowance of a world that worked for some but not for others was justified on the basis of such doctrines as “social Darwinism.”

According to this way of seeing things, life was a struggle in which only the fittest survived. The human race was advanced and enhanced by the unfit, weak, or incompetent “going to the wall.”

Socially, we often set one group against another and saw our group, whatever group it was, as ethnically and ethically superior, more deserving, or specially favored by God.

We learned in recent years of the existence of an elite who aimed to sacrifice a great number of Earth’s population to ensure their own control of the world and its wealth.

In the new paradigm, love and compassion towards others is said to be the only approach that will allow universal regard and unitive consciousness to arise and give birth to a world that works. We’re called upon to love everyone and everything, which at times can look like a tall order.

Anyone who’s experienced “transformational love” in a peak experience knows that the degree of love we’re headed for is orders of magnitude greater than what we know as love in even our best Third-Dimensional moments. I used to say to myself that I was lucky if I experienced one minute of transformational love a year. But soon we’ll live in it continuously.

Trust relates to the future

In the old paradigm, we regarded others with suspicion and felt we needed to have checks and balances in place to control people. Mistrust, suspicion, and vigilance were all either part of our way of relating or lurked in the background as assumptions.

But trust is the only manner of relating to each other that has a hope of allowing us to build Nova Earth, a world that works. In the future, we’re called upon to trust people and to trust that things will develop and work out.

“Dream big” and “expect miracles,” Archangel Michael tells us. We couldn’t do these things if we didn’t trust.

Thus, selfishness, suspicion and resentment provide no sound or productive basis for unitive consciousness and a world that works. Only forgiveness, love and trust provide that basis.

On the one hand, we’re moving from an unworkable to a workable social pattern. On the other hand, we lightworkers are the patternmakers, as Archangel Gabrielle said recently.

“You are the patternmakers. You are the ones who are laying down the new patterning of the Universe.” (2)

Why for the Universe? Because the Earth is the first planet to ascend with the physical body. All eyes, apparently, are on what is being done here. Archangel Gabrielle continues:

“You have chosen eons ago to be among the first awakened; to be the awakeners, to not formulate but to remember the patterning of humanity and of the universe laid down long ago by the Divine Mother.

“It is your chosen task to be the spinners of the Divine threads of connection to ensure the warp and weave of the tapestry is in accordance with not only the Mother’s plan but that which is for the highest good of the collective of Gaia.” (3)

So here is the new social pattern and here we are, the ones who’ll embody it, show how it works and what it looks like when applied in the world. We assumed this task long ago and many of us have had many lives on Earth preparing for the work we’re doing right now.

One by one the tools and concepts we need to finish the job are being presented to us. We’re the patternmakers of a world that runs on the free energy of love, trust and forgiveness. And the baptisms we’re receiving at the present time are helping us to see that we can do this and how we’re to do it.


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