Success is for All

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God said:

Beloved, breathe and calm down in life. You are not intended to gasp. You are not required to be so tense as you may find yourself. Not at all are you meant to be the lord and master of tension. In tension, you pull yourself up tight. Calming down amounts to letting go of tension. Tensing up isn’t a requirement. Tightening is tightening. It isn’t refreshing. To soothe life means to let go of holding on so tight as if you had to hold on for dear life itself. You may well think the stakes in life are high, yet, of course, everything in the relative world is relative. Arise to your Self. In no way does rising high mean you are to be high-wired. Live life equitably as it comes. You don’t have to hold your breath.

To be sure, your ambition is to go beyond ambition for gain’s sake. This includes going beyond even spiritual gain. It is My desire that you come close to Me. This is also your spiritual desire. We furrow the fields for all.

When the Wright brothers desired to create a flying machine, they liked the idea of success for themselves, yet there was something deeper in their ambition than a mere coup for themselves.

There is also desire for the world at large. Yes, of course, thoughts of making your mark in the world brings you joy, yet joy only for yourself doesn’t fill your crofters.

Markedly, when Gandhi desired freedom for India, he sought greater than personal freedom and favor. Personal favor doesn’t go far enough – not that anyone’s outside critique is to be shed on you. It’s not for you to judge the entirety of anyone’s heart.

By and large, everyone is learning more than the casual eye can see. A seeming other’s life isn’t your call. Nevertheless, ring out success from the church tops. Seek success for everyone’s heart. Everyone’s heart is to carry your pledge. This is what it means not to covet. Letting go of coveting means to contribute to success wherever it lies. Enjoin all hearts as your own. What is the difference? Verily, all success is Mine. All success is greater than for itself. All success is also yours. This must be so. There is no success that is not yours.

Success is not exactly a victory. Success isn’t a victory over anyone. Victory comes down to a gift for Oneness.

Success that belongs privately as yours is no success at all, or, at best, it is stingy success. Ultimately, success is a group’s success. How many souls row a boat? Whom do I single out? You may say I favor the great spiritual ones. I favor you naturally, for you are Mine. I favor everyone as One. I make no distinctions. What do I care what denomination you call yourself? You are more than your denomination. You are more than any nomenclature you assign to yourself.

You are not your name. You are not your body. You are not your career. You are not your happenstance. You are not your successes, nor are you what you call your failures. You are not your money in the bank. You are greater than these. You are greater than the country you live in. You are greater than the automobile you drive and the street you live on and the house you live in. You are greater than the words you say. You are greater than even your dreams. You are as great as I say. I speak highly of you. I do not pan My art. I extol My art.

You are My pride and joy. I say this humbly. I do know what I have wrought, and I don’t mind saying so.

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