Such Joy Is In The Air!

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This afternoon, I stepped out into the warm sunlight to take a short walk. As I headed down my driveway, I received a message, "There is such Joy in the Air." And indeed, I felt loving energy as I looked up to see an huge angel cloud hovering above me. The energies of love and harmony are here!

Monday night I dreamed of a liberty bell surrounded by many loving hearts. Freedom is at hand! The bell in my dream, however, was not cracked, but solid and whole, as we are becoming through this process of freeing ourselves from ego and programming.

Last night I dreamed of people participating in a peaceful parade. Everyone laughing, smiling, and holding hands. The words on the banner at the lead of the parade read:

"Egoless Freedom"

What would that be like? No worry, guilt, pain, fear, doubt, etc.  That is true freedom.

It is time to let loose of ego..Time to BE freedom. 

Our true beings are love in every moment!

A final note: At the head of the dream parade, leading the charge to freedom, I was pleased to recognize our own Earth-Ally Eddie astride a prancing white stallion!

Many blessings and much love to all!

~Desert Gypsy





It's intense! Yeehaa

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Isn't it all brilliant! Great news. Who's Eddie? Excuse my ignorance!