The Sun is Breaking Open and Seeding the People with Remembrance of their Soul

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The Eclipse Impact

The eclipse on August 21 brought in a new octave of consciousness and a new experience in which things have been shaken up and extreme, especially the weather with floods and fires and earthquakes and solar storms which continue. The eclipse was a nexus point and a harbinger change, a coming into seeing the shadows. After that, there was a time of inner quiet and processing, of going within until in which Mercury was retrograde and then started moving forward on September 5. Retrograde- in astrology means that is a time to revisit, review from the within.
I found myself feeling intense emotions and moving through them with forgiveness work, of self and others which rippled out from the quantum inner level and was reflected in friendships with others pretty quickly. We have so much power to change our inner world, to more calm and peace and see it reflected outside of us. That being said, it may be a time of great challenge to be the calm within the outer storms. It is a matter of not getting hooked on what is happening and to keep going inside, or so I am learning as an eternal student.  

Communication was not working so much with others (in the Retrograde period before September 5th,) but I found others accessible on the inner planes and so much was worked out in that realm. Then once Mercury, the planet of communication, moved direct on September 5, I was able to have direct conversations in a new way. I had the energy to reach other to others. Meanwhile we were hit by fires in the Northwest, by Hurricanes in the south, and by earthquakes around the world, particularly in my beloved country of Guatemala and also Mexico. Floods have happened all over the world in this time. There was an X class solar flare, one of the strongest in a decade and it sent photonic particles that effected earth landing to September 8. As of September 14, there are more solar flares and another big one about to arrive to earth. The Axim “As Above, so Below” is evident as truth. The storm happened in the solar atmosphere, and was sent to earth and reflected in the earth, a smaller body than the sun with storms intensifying. We are the bodies that reflect the earth and the sun. If you are feeling stuff then maybe it is you being a reflection of these greater bodies of energy. We collectively have the power to change the earth and everyone’s experience. We can make more peace on earth with our intentions.

Back to Solar Flares: They trigger earthquakes, they make hurricanes stronger, and who knows about the wildfires. Meanwhile there are whispers of weather modification being possibly to blame as spoken by acclaimed scientist Michio Kaku . This is part of the story that includes the metaphor of "shadows being exposed" through the event which was the Full Lunar Eclipse that happened on August 21. So many viewed it online and in person it became a focal point of collective consciousness. Many things are coming to light. An interesting soup of weather modification, the solar flares effecting human consciousness, and human collective consciousness itself sending prayers and focus toward lessening the events to the hurricanes and fires. Storms are about transformation and purification. Rain came in the Northwest as an answer to collective prayers of those effected, or so it seemed to in my own experience here in the Northwest.

It is clearly a time of change. The storms are a representation of the change, from hurricanes and floods to wildfires and devastation to earthquakes. Mother Earth is rumbling. Some are supporting all life as a part of her and there are those that want to manipulate what is happening on her surface and actually seed that which may destroy life and nature and homes. It seems the mother supports those who support her and life on her and wants to shake off that which opposes this. In her view, she may be cleansing and rebalancing. Yet, as a human on the planet, is an intense time to be witnessing all of this. It can also be seen an opportunity. The opportunity is to discover the shadows and the truth behind them and what may be happening behind the obvious and the surface. Let’s go deeper into exploring the greater patterns and let’s go deeper into our own self-awareness and what is unconscious. Awakening is allowing that with is unconscious to become conscious. It takes courage and discernment. There is a mass awakening triggered by the eclipse. It will expose personal truths, how we have been out of integrity to the greater whole, and how powers that be have been out of integrity. We are able to clean up our own act, make it a more congruent expression, the expression of who we are. Maybe this means apologizing, telling the truth more, being able to put the others before us, to consider everybody's well-being and perspective beyond our own. In short, we are called to live the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as ourselves" in a deeper way.  Truth is being brought forward to explore and discover what we think about it.
Eye of the Storm
We have a choice to be in the winds of the hurricane, feeling the full force storm. We can be in the edges feeling the drama of it but not as effected yet still tossed around. Or we can be in the calm center, the eye of the storm. In our lives, we can keep returning to that eye of the storm, the calm center of ourselves. Nature presents the perfect metaphor for the world we can choose to inhabit. That is a personal analogy for our inner selves in the midst of whatever outer chaos. Meanwhile, the truth is these situations are affecting real people, the earth and animals and they need our love and support and prayers. After all, they are us, as part of the one soul. Let us remember oneness and feel oneness, others as ourselves. If you are able to be calm in the midst of the storms around you, you are benefiting yourself and the planet.
The other thing that the eclipse triggered personally is a download from the moment just after totality that I experienced. This was from the moment of darkness, a black circle of the moon's shadow over the sun to a sliver of sunlight pouring out in brightness. A thought I had was "The sun is breaking open and seeding the people with remembrance of their soul, and of the One Soul that is everyone." So indeed the golden rule is that all others are ourselves and we are here for all life which is one life. It is a triggering of the awakening of consciousness, that eclipse and subsequent Solar Flares and world events. It is all to bring us to our hearts and our heart's knowing. Are you having new thoughts bringing you to a more expansive understanding and a higher level of love? Have you been experiencing new downloads? Are you showing up in the world with a new perspective? There may be thoughts we are having that were not accessible to us recently. Maybe we are changing how we look at the world. It is all good.
Eclipse Download from the Path of Totality, A Wilderness Area in Oregon
Based on true events and communication from the animal kingdom
There is a feeling the eclipse may wipe out the hard drive of who I thought I was/and AM. It may bring forth a new octave of experience.
I am new
We are new
I am love
We are love
Prayers that this may benefit all beings for the highest good
 that the eclipse brings
Awakening, love Joy, and happiness, co-operation, unity to humanity
  that the dark is revealed within and without
  that we bring the light of awareness to it
2 Golden Eagles spiraling up to the sun
Shine on us, Golden one
Day of shift
Day eclipsing
Ride the light
paved rays, road of the ancient ones
We are eternal rays, glimmering of starshine shimmering
beaming upon all life
Memories of mystic origins lie in the light
written in stars
carried to our blood, our DNA
Let us open the cycles
Let's explode and decode source creation’s messages
and rescramble it
for inner illumination.
Hawk calls and wakes us up
wake up humanity
Earth calls for you so answer
Horses stampede and wake us up
Time to clean this mess up
Humans wake up and treat your Mother right
because all living things have to get by.
Wake up humans and clean up your mess!
Time to turn the tide
Toward love and what is right
In the flow of creation
time to turn the tide
into pure illumination
Hawk feather falls, a message from above
Signs all around
Messages from above
Aligned with love
Thank you Great Spirit
Thank you
The sun became complete again
Circle of life is whole again
We see our connection to life streams everywhere
We see the point where we began
and where we are going back to
Source is calling
Source is calling
Source is calling us home
And the circle of life goes round again. 


Sending you so many blessings in the time. May you have peace in your heart.
~Shivrael Luminance River