The Sun is Breaking Open and Seeding the People with Remembrance of their Soul

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The Eclipse Impact

The eclipse on August 21 brought in a new octave of consciousness and a new experience in which things have been shaken up and extreme, especially the weather with floods and fires and earthquakes and solar storms which continue. The eclipse was a nexus point and a harbinger change, a coming into seeing the shadows. After that, there was a time of inner quiet and processing, of going within until in which Mercury was retrograde and then started moving forward on September 5. Retrograde- in astrology means that is a time to revisit, review from the within.
I found myself feeling intense emotions and moving through them with forgiveness work, of self and others which rippled out from the quantum inner level and was reflected in friendships with others pretty quickly. We have so much power to change our inner world, to more calm and peace and see it reflected outside of us. That being said, it may be a time of great challenge to be the calm within the outer storms. It is a matter of not getting hooked on what is happening and to keep going inside, or so I am learning as an eternal student.  

Hundreds gather in Ipswich to discuss floods class action

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ABC, By: Eric Tlozek, 12/17/2013

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The 2011 flood victims planning to sue the State Government and dam operators say justice is more important than compensation. Hundreds of people last night packed into a hotel at Ipswich, west of Brisbane, to hear from law firm Maurice Blackburn about its planned class action.


International litigation funder Bentham-IMF recently committed to financing the suit. Maurice Blackburn principal Damian Scattini says he expects that will make more people join the 5,000 who have already registered for the class action. "I think a lot of people have been waiting, frankly, to have the announcement that the matter is definitely going ahead," he said. Flood victim Kym Kitchener says she has joined because she wants people to be held responsible for the floods.


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Floods kill many in central Vietnam after heavy rains

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BBCnews.com - 17 November 2013

A bridge shattered by flooding in Binh Dinh province, Vietnam, 16 November

This bridge was shattered in Binh Dinh province


Lives were lost across five provinces, according to the National Flood and Storm Control Agency, quoted by the Associated Press.

In Quang Ngai province, flood waters reportedly rose above a previous peak recorded in 1999.

A tropical depression has dumped rain on the country.

Earlier in the week, at least 13 people died and 81 were injured when Tropical Storm Haiyan made landfall in north Vietnam after wreaking havoc in the Philippines.

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Major Flooding Kills Three in Boulder, Colorado.

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Accuweather.com - 9/14/13, Courtney Spammer

Three people are reported dead after heavy rain Wednesday led to significant flooding in the Boulder, Colo., area.

On Thursday afternoon, Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam issued a local disaster and emergency declaration as massive flooding continued throughout the city, according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management.

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U.S. Southeast experiencing rainfall and tornado extremes in 2013

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Earthsky.org - 8/22/13, Matt Daniel

Tornado damage to a mobile home in Heard County Georgia. Image Credit: NWS Peachtree City

Across Georgia, rainfall totals are adding up to totals typically seen across an entire average year. Atlanta, Georgia averages 49.68 inches per year based on climatology records from 1981-2010. As of August 19, 2013, Atlanta has already recorded 50.43 inches of rain, and we still have over four months left until the year ends.

Severe floods and deadly landslides hit Sichuan province, China (video)

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The Watchers, 7/10/13, Adonai

After days of torrential rain and heavy flooding across parts of southwest China, a deadly landslide occurred in Zhongxing town, Sichuan province, on July 10, 2013. More than 100 rescuers are on the scene at this time.

State media said landslide has buried between 30 and 40 people.Since Monday evening strong rain has affected more than 508,000 people in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. About 300 homes were destroyed by heavy rain and three bridges have collapsed in the cities of Jiangyou and Deyang.

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250 000 people displaced due to severe flooding in Assam, India

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The Watchers, 7/9/13- Adonai

Official reports today mention nearly 250 000 people have been forced to leave their homes due to flooding in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam. About 400 villages have been hit by floods since Friday, July 5, 2013 after the Jiadhol and Kumatia rivers, fed by monsoon rains, started creating havoc. 

On Saturday (July 6, 2013) - Dhemaji, Golaghat, Jorhat, Kamrup, Karimganj, Lakhimpur, Morigaon, Nagaon, Sivasagar, Tinsukia and Chirang districts have all been affected by the flood. Dhemaji district,  located at the easternmost part of the state on northern bank of Brahmaputra, is the worst-hit district every year.

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Storms, floods threaten vast swath of US

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Nbcnews.com, 6/25/13, Henry Austin

Flash flood and wildfire warnings were issued on Tuesday, as severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall were again expected to hit the Midwest and Northeast.

"Once again, thunderstorms are expected to fire in parts of the northern Plains to Lower Great Lakes on Tuesday," the National Weather Service said.

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Germans band together to bale out their flooded cities

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Guardian.co.uk - 6/11/13


Sandbagging in Dresden

Volunteers in Dresden pass sandbags to build an embankment against the rising Elbe. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

Watching from the Loschwitzer bridge as the brown, swirling waters rushed beneath her, Christa Pohl was overcome with a sense of deja vu.

"When Dresden flooded 11 years ago, they called it the flood of the century, saying the last time it had happened was 150 years before," she said. "The fact it has happened again, and so soon, fills me with a sense of foreboding."

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