Sunday Musings ~ Even the bad times are good!

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Image – View of the Outeniqua Mountains from Sedgefield Lagoon in Eden, along the Garden Route of the Western Cape of South Africa

It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of my Sunday Musings, and today seemed like a good day to write one again. So much has happened with me on an energetic level, and I’m sure with you also. Nothing ever stays the same. We are always changing, which is the very nature of energy. We are an ever-changing energy. Forever contracting and expanding. More expanding than contracting thankfully, but contracting non-the-less. It is during the contracting stages that we grow and therefore get to know ourselves at an ever deeper level. And this is good!

The song I’ve been hearing lately is “Even the bad times are good”, reminding me not to take on the energy of guilt or blame for what I think I should have done or not done during those ‘bad’ times.  I am reminded now that nothing has meaning until I give it meaning. I have the power to decide how something (or someone) affects me and my state of being.

As much as it boggles the human consciousness, there is nothing that I can do that will ever disappoint my Higher Self. It seems my Higher Self/Soul – which I have come to look upon as my I AM, my Source of Light and therefore my Light Body – exists all around me and also within me. It IS me. The greater part of Me, of who I AM as a Celestial Light Being. The best part is that my Light Body knows me intimately, and therefore understands the human ego mind, body and consciousness perfectly. Just imagine that! We (humans) never have to feel misunderstood ever again, because there is a part of us that fully understands EVERYTHING that has ever happened, and is happening with us at this exact moment!

Something else that may boggle the human mind is that your/my Light Body is able to ‘plug in’ to a source field of energy that is ALL KNOWING, meaning it has the capability of knowing each and every Soul that has been and ever will be in existence.

My Light Body says now: “It is through this ALL KNOWING-NESS that we are able to be omnipresent, meaning everywhere (in all places) at the same time, in Soul Consciousness.”

Another thing about this source field of energy is that it is INFINITE in its Power and Wisdom to create anything!

What this means is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

It is not our task as human beings to understand the complexities of creation. Rather our task is to unconditionally love and accept ourselves, and forgive ourselves if that be needed also, so we can return Home to a state of BE’ing Perfect (Divine and Absolute) Love. How can we hold onto these lower energies inside of ourselves knowing ourselves now as we do? We ARE perfect in our creation. How can we not be?

Deepak Chopra says in his book “The Way of the Wizard” you will reach a stage in your transition as a Seeker where your desires will have expanded to the point that nothing short of meeting God face-to-face will satisfy or fulfill you. I can honestly say now that I have reached that point.

So today as I look upon the Face of God I can say in all honesty:

“I see You, I see myself in You and I love You”


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