Talk to the Trees

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by Jessie Klassen


An easy exercise to develop communication skills with Nature

-excerpt from “The Sapling”

Nature has lessons for those who listen, and communicating, interacting, and listening to Nature is easier than we think. Infact, it’s natural for us to do so.

This exercise is great for children and adults alike.

Science has proven that trees can talk to one another, but just in a different way than we can. Old trees help seedlings, and healthy trees will help sick trees to recover.

Resource sharing happens all through the forest. This is why it is so important to honour and respect all plant life, no matter where they are in their life cycle, because they all play a very important role.

Nature is also aware and sensitive to our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Trees are able to sense our energy and communicate with us, as long as we are open to the possibility.

"Talk to the Trees"

Try placing your hands upon a tree, or sit beneath it, or lie in the grass and stare up into its branches.

Relax and bring a smile to your face. Smiling is a simple way to relax our energy and open us up to the peaceful, loving energy of Nature.

You could try asking, “is there anything that you would like me to know?”

You do not have to speak out loud, as our thoughts are energy and trees can hear them.

You may hear the tree answer, or you may just get a feeling from the tree and you will know how it feels.

Nature tends to communicate through telepathy, which is in pictures, so if you close your eyes, you may see pictures and you will feel like you are watching a movie.

And you can communicate by showing pictures of what you are feeling and thinking.

Of course you can tell the tree anything that you would like it to know.

Use your imagination, as this is how Nature communicates with us.

I like to find faces in the trees as well. Sometimes there will only be an eye, but sometimes I can find a whole face hidden within the bark.

It really does feel easy to communicate when you can see a face staring back at you. And it doesn’t have to be a human face. Sometimes it is the shape of an animal face that I see.

And as I have come to know, “The older the tree, the more faces you see”

But if you don’t find a face, it does not matter. All life can communicate with us if we are open. I also like to place my hands on the trees and share my healing energy with them.

Simply imagine your energy, healing and radiating like a glowing ball in the palms of your hands. Focus on this feeling and then feel it flowing from you and being shared with the tree.

It often becomes easier to communicate with them after I do this because the pathways of communication are more open.

And simply taking a walk amongst the trees, spending time with them, and being open to hearing them is enough to hear what they are saying.

When we approach Nature with sincerity, we are capable of communication.

I hope that you have found this helpful! I would love to hear from you and can be contacted via my website While there, feel free to subscribe my free “weeklyish” newsletter where I share advice, wisdoms, and lessons that I have learned from living my life close to Nature.

much love and many blessings,



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Jessie is also a farmer, Reiki Master, and mother of 3 sensitive children. Deeply connected to Nature, she has been inspired to “share the words that Nature wants to have heard.”