Tapping into Potentials for the Equinox!

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The Equinox is coming up, and it feels like big gateway in which I am seeing a magical doorway, to something special. I am taking this question into meditation to discover what this energy is about that we are coming upon. Everyone experiences energies and this shift we are going through in very different ways, so I am wondering how I can speak about it in a way that the variety of people and their possible unique experiences will be acknowledged. I bring that question in...as I have a belief that we are all consciousness experiencing itself through different eyes. We came to experience earth and ascension, this change in consciousness, in different ways. The Equinox feels very big. Now in meditation, I am here in this crystal cave representing the akash of old souls feeling how our vibration effects one another and how we are hearing each other's songs. I see clusters of crystals together. I also see lotus flowers which I am told represent our unfolding, our opening to source at the crown and that we are blooming in different stages but all blooming and opening none- the -less. This addresses how we are experiencing the same energy on earth with this Equinox yet experiencing it in different ways. My higher self/inner guides says: We don't tell you how it will be but more we tell you what the potentials are. I like that, potentials, and it feels like the highest and best potentials! 

The imagery of the akash is there, clusters of crystals representing soul clusters. The beings like you reading this are represented in these clusters are gleeful and filled with hope at what is to come. A new potential is getting much stronger which is to recognize soul family by their vibrational frequency. 

Toning Tuning and "At One Ment"

I hear some important key words. Let me explain, and these are what we are doing now and have been doing getting ready for the Equinox Gateway, as was shown to me in meditation.

Toning. Tuning. “At one ment” are the words

For me "At one ment," means a combination of atonement and being at one. 

Let us take one word at a time. First, toning: This (in the current context of my imagination) is the practice of sounding our most magnificent tone in our vibration through how we live. Living the highest and most pure vibration, the one we truly are at a soul level. Being our highest self. We do this by following inner guidance which is our heart's calling, and by following inner highest excitement.

We are “toning our song” through living the true authentic life as our free selves. 

Tuning is adjusting your frequency, or clearing the static in your energy field. It is noticing the subtle factors that take you out of the vortex. It is going into your own field without others involved and feeling your truth, and tuning to the bliss that you are. Being in your own aura on retreat, and it is like fine tuning your radio station. This is what we have been doing...radios are almost fully tuned. 

Now we come to “At one ment.” Be at one with yourself within yourself and you will be attuned to others.

This time, the Equinox Gateway, is where the soul clusters of crystals are showing up meaning that the potential is there for finally finding more of those of a like frequency for friendship and co-creation and learning and exchanging keys and codes. Yes, indeed, you activate one another in your exchanges of speaking and communicating. It can be face-to-face or virtual. No wonder it is that we have the internet to allow this connecting to one another at this time. I am shown in meditation how keys and codes are exchanged through interaction and it brings soul aspects online with soul recognition of one another. Coming into “at one ment” and tuning or resonance with another of our soul family, also with Mother Earth and other living beings, helps our lotus flowers to open with spiritual maturity to bring us to our full resplendent blossoming and glory. Keys and codes means activation or awakening to our greater selves through interaction. More of this is coming! We are being inwardly guided by the electromagnetism of the heart with synchronicity that helps us find soul family for which to play! And soul family is defined as those in current resonance. Everyone is at a different wavelength and it is so satisfying to find those who are in a similar bandwidth as we understand one another. And we raise one another's frequencies. It is about interacting radio stations and fine tuning one another and ourselves, of course. I am so excited about this message about the potentials with soul family coming into view! What fun we have to look forward to! More information how time will potentially be different, and also about how manifestation happens came through. Tomorrow I will share about those things and more in another Equinox piece posted at
 my blog. The potentials look grand... and it is time to get ready to celebrate while we do our final inner tuning. OMMmmmmmmm

Deep bows from heart to heart,