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Today is what many of you refer to as the Day of Recognition. It is a day of remembering You in all its forms. Many of you may be witnessing flashbacks to other lives in many eras past and future, on earth, inside earth and upon other planets. You may see yourselves more etheric or dense as you see your physical bodies today. Note the feelings you are experiencing as you “see” these other parts of you. Recognize the patterns and you shall see yourselves much clearer. This one taking down this message is quite perplexed!


Yes, I understand this but have yet to witness this today.


Still your Being. Still your mind and let or allow the pictures to just flow. You will be watching your own movie.


I feel pulsations in my hands. It is very difficult to still my mind.


Perhaps we will continue and when you are ready, close your eyes and allow those other parts of you come into focus. Do not be afraid, they are only pictures in your mind. Allow, allow…


Tapping into Potentials for the Equinox!

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The Equinox is coming up, and it feels like big gateway in which I am seeing a magical doorway, to something special. I am taking this question into meditation to discover what this energy is about that we are coming upon. Everyone experiences energies and this shift we are going through in very different ways, so I am wondering how I can speak about it in a way that the variety of people and their possible unique experiences will be acknowledged. I bring that question in...as I have a belief that we are all consciousness experiencing itself through different eyes. We came to experience earth and ascension, this change in consciousness, in different ways. The Equinox feels very big. Now in meditation, I am here in this crystal cave representing the akash of old souls feeling how our vibration effects one another and how we are hearing each other's songs. I see clusters of crystals together. I also see lotus flowers which I am told represent our unfolding, our opening to source at the crown and that we are blooming in different stages but all blooming and opening none- the -less. This addresses how we are experiencing the same energy on earth with this Equinox yet experiencing it in different ways. My higher self/inner guides says: We don't tell you how it will be but more we tell you what the potentials are. I like that, potentials, and it feels like the highest and best potentials! 

Lisa Gawlas ~ The New Energy Atmosphere of Life: Like a Fish learning to Breath Air!

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Lisa Gawlas - 13 January, 2014


Well!!  I guess my New Years wish went down the toilet (in so many ways lol.)  My only wish was that we stop having these biologically unpleasant upgrades/change outs once we hit the new energy world (2014).  Yeah right!  I swear my team decided to play an ongoing “punk” with me, with my poor biology.  The night before last, I woke up at exactly midnight to feel the biggest elephant sitting on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe and my body started the intense, and I do mean intense, coughing process to get the damn elephant off, which only hurt me more as the elephant laughed its ass off.  I finally gave up on any sleep at 6 am and hoped that sitting up instead of desperately trying to find sleep, would be the thing that drops the elephant to the floor.  Not even close!  By my first appointment, I did realize that I pretty much coughed my voice out of my throat, by late afternoon, it was gone, but that pesky elephant, still ever present.

2014 ~ The Year of GROUNDING UNITY - The New Earth Frequency Update

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Planetary ~ As Shared by Meleriessee

We are now standing within the threshold of 2014.  The year of 2013 represented great changes within each of us and on the planet in various ways.  We experienced high activations through each of the cycles through the months and now we have stepped into a new doorway to Unite our True Self’s with our Physical Reality.  It was the year of “Synchronization”.  Now we take that synchronization and blend into our present experience as we walk as renewed Beings of Light.

With the oncoming energies of 2014, the theme of this New Year represents Walking into Grounding Unity.  This is bringing in the energies of the Oneness Consciousness that we all have been accessing in our thought forms, down into our physical energies, and grounding them into GAIA which is important in the structure of this year in 2014.

It is important to take time to reflect on our recent past experiences to truly measure the power of walking into a new year at any given time.  This year of 2014 there is an alignment occurring for more individuals to understand themselves in a completely and different manner.

The number “14” represents our karmic rebirth.  This is the year in which we are “righting” all our past deeds and in doing so, we are receiving the Divine Dispensation from our Higher Essence to be manifested within our world.  The keywords for this year represent, “harmony, balance, temperance, and prudence”.  It is a year in which elements will come into alignment to allow for the true manifestation of our heart’s desire from our highest consciousness into a physical reality.

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