Telepathic communication and consciousness exploration.

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Telepathic communication and consciousness exploration.


One way of experiencing telepathic communication, is through thought. Another is through color.


Another is through feeling, or vibration. Another through breathing and allowing all that you are consciously going through to work it’s way through your system. This is allowing your consciousness to learn, grow and expand simply through breathing in your experience of being present. Emotion and emotional discomfort is another form of telepathic communication. Apart of taking it all in, are the visions, visuals both inner and outer. All the emotions,feelings,thoughts,fear, pain, discomfort, and all attempts to eliminate those feelings also, the complete and total dis identification with the self, and all that one goes through is another form of telepathic communication.


Another way of experiencing telepathy is consciousness exploration. You can refer to that experience like entering Dante’s Inferno, abandon all hope the moment you become willing to explore all that is within your psyche. If you are unwilling to abandon hope, you will be nurtured into being willing to abandon hope, via the nurturance of becoming aware of your higher self, your soul, stepping in your body hologram, gradually. You will encounter of the variations in which fear and pain appear as. This is the shapes shifting nature of the unconscious reactive controlling conflicted believing contradicting conditioned ego mind’s mimicking device, from every direction you can imagine. In turn all that I previously mentioned in the first paragraph about the telepathic experience, will be mimicked back at you, in an attempt to deter you from continually exploring your similiarly uniquely equal consciousness that is the love you are within your heart, where your unification with all life is found, thus experienced.


You will encounter confusion, doubt, paranoia, dismay, despair, all feelings that you can point at to be absolutely dreadful. You will encounter a desire to keep it all not dreadful, but this again is another attempt to deter you from being the love you are. You will experience feelings of being let down, loss upon loss upon loss upon loss upon loss. This is due to your unconscious identification with that which again is not the love you are, which is expectation. You will also encounter guilt, from not fulfilling obligations, or vice versa, from fulfilling without noticing until afterwards, obligation. You’re essentially in all totality, going to encounter all that isn’t you, continuously, in order for you to take a step back, and realize more about the love you are, by going through that which is not the love you are.


You will also encounter beings who are not being the love they are, and they also will attempt to deter you from your continual desire to explore your consciousness. You will also encounter after having learned much about yourself, through your explorations within, and simultaneously much about everyone else too. You will also learn about our bodies natural truth detection, and that the only way you can completely agree with what is the truth as it is, is when you have fully integrated the truth as it is, inside your body hologram. This is why we’re nurtured to continually explore our consciousness forever. This nurturance allows of exploration our consciousness, allows us to integrate our souls knowledge, throughout the body hologram by going through that which we are not.

This experience is completely necessary for the evolution of all species on and off planet earth = heart.


This experience heals us, and is the purpose of existence. What you will see will get your attention to be drawn into the now. An example I can give you is eating rice, and perceiving them as maggots. Another example is when you’re experiencing and making your daily choices, you perceive all of that you’re surrounded by, and all that is within you, to be an absolute nothing and yet as you keep looking at this perception, you will notice how it transforms from perception , to perspective. You go from perceiving nothing to experiencing life from your perspective, which is uniquely similar and equal with the all. Perception = mind, perspective = soul. Perception continually falls away, and perspective is what is learned and integrated, which allows for more growth and expansion.

Hilarion Melchizidek Ra




Stay with the light.... just

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Stay with the light.... just sort of eliminate quickly what doesn't resonate..... I've had people all my life try to "get in".... no worries!  We're here!  Make connections with your own resonance.... trust...

Des, I have asked for more help

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Check my blog.... "Ireland Needing More Help".... we are focusing on your needs now. Accept our light with yours... trust yourself and stay as calm as possible... hold onto a vision of victory as you see it.... we are aligning our love with your vision.... 

Keep in touch... write when you need to....



thank you love

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i shared this on my facebook page

(but you already know that because were "friends")



love you... im off to the dessrt for a few days!



Telepathic communication

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This past week two of my grandchildren discovered that they can communicate telepathically while in class ( different schools about 40 miles apart) it freaked them out.

I told them to practice that it is a gift from GOD. They told me that they did not know how they did it and that when they tried it did not work. So I told them to stop trying and just let it flow. This worked they said and got freaked out again but kept it up and got past the fear. This week I will do a test in front of the rest of the family as I see this as confirmation of what I have been telling them. They have been waiting for some sort of sign thinking that I might be crazy.



Right you are! I can feel the love you send out to all

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The test is not for me!

I know that they are doing it!

The test will be done to show their parents and other family members that don't believe that it is real and that what I have been saying about what is going on ascension is for real.




I understand... but love

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I understand... but love doesn't like to be tested, especially with kids.   No apologies are needed... message for all... 


sometimes just a look or a simple statement of few words will come across nicely


it's all ok.....


I like my freedomj so much I wish it!

I completely agree

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I do not know when the test will happen as I always wait for source to tell me all are ready.

I do feel that it will be soon.

We (Susi and I) try to get the family together every week we have a cook out and play game or dance and stuff. So I am sure it will be on one of those days and do not be surprised if a lot more of the family starts doing it right after. All of my grandchildren are a lot more open to this than the adults.

All I do is plant seeds and water them now and then.

Love in action is a POWERFUL tool!!! I always wait for someone to ask.




You are a cool dude you are!!

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You are a cool dude you are!!  I am really enjoying you create your plans... in my heart you are!


("Ohana" =  "family" in Hawai`ian, and firmly in the hearts of everyone here.. considered a very spiritual word right up there with Aloha)

I am that I am

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You are in my heart as well ;-)