Concurrent nodes (Mixed)

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(March 7th)

Concurrent nodes (Mixed)

Apparent trough synaptic modules in excess modulation, forms adaptable by selecting adverse effects on complimentary staff, while acquisitioning in bypass modules, excess coagulation within corruptive synapses. Now momentarily we are adjusting core fields, interplanetary constructs enabled for diversities to transgress towards higher notable accounts. Inquisition on presumptions is denied.

Inquisitional realms are a process of synaptic modulation while corruptive behaviors excel in counterparts adjacent to infinity… Concurrent nodes evolve in interplanetary transgressions, made at quantum flux, simplistic anomaly adjustments. Creational bypass converted from concessions, intellectual drive momentarily conducted at synapses, incorrect formations are inept for transmutable contents in query. Accustomed measures, similarities are transparent, exporting data to the quantum flux field, adjustments are made momentarily, conjunction of synaptic currents are abolishing previous flows, augmenting in dispositional energy, fabrics evolving at query, advancements are being made customary to interdependences of acquisitioned states. Stasis inquired on nominal factors abolishing simplistic views on accountants in predisposed fabrics, continuity is abolished in the interplaying fabrics for adjustments. Crystallization in conscious co kinetics are advancing synapses… Probable adjustments for coherency abides in synaptic modulation, contemporary fractals of acquisitioned stasis/states.

The Higher and Lower Self

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Now what is the lower self, what is known as the lower self is the "state" you carry around, everywhere you go. Simply put, it is you, yourself, your temple, the body in which you are in and can make things, have choices, as cleaning, talking, having conversations, driving a car, meeting people, going into situations for work, working for an income so you can live if needed, going to parties, interacting with nature, thinking and thoughts that come about from the ego and other people telepathy etc... lighter thoughts and ways of thinking are forms of ego in transmutation to a higher consciousness (Interacting with nature as example)... basically the two brain hemispheres are the driving force between how are lives are being conveyed Lightly or with pressure and disorganization up to our lives being lived in and out, in body and out. The Lower self has an awareness a consciousness a view point. To sum it up the lower self is you (Being).

Transformation, Freedom,Creativity, Shape shifting, and Soul Evolution

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Dear Beloved’s, today is a day of transformation, freedom, creativity, shape shifting, and soul evolution.

Today was a great day for integration of all  aspects of self and knowing that the God within is on schedule.

Take note of the most important issues that are confronting you at the point in time. What state of change are you in regard to these issues?

These powerful messages remind us of the butterfly, when born it goes through the smallest of hole to birth itself. So beloveds, you are doing the same.

To the Native American’s the butterfly is believed to carry Joy! This is a dance with the nature, and to take things a little more lightly, not so seriously. Medicine for the dear souls that you are.

Get up and move, have the courage to fly past your limitations. The divine in all of you will know how far and wide you can travel.

When it is time to move to the next level we must let go of yet another layer of emotional, physical, mental, thought forms , keeping us from our most precious goals.

It is imperative if we as a people keep our thoughts lofty and confident in the light, we can move mountains and hold steady the light grids that hold us and our Planet together.

Each of you is like a Chrysalis structure, which is forming above you, for the full formation and activation of your thirteen spiral systems or Chakras. This Chrysalis like structure will encase you with the light codes needed to fully activate your divine blueprint and bring forth great healing and release.

Take time to rest and breath through these healings and integrations. The next stage of your spiritual evolution depends on it.

Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting - 001. June 2nd 2013

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Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting - 001. June 2nd 2013 

Paradigm Shift Central - A global collective of youth initiated communities to encourage open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness. 

Paradigm Shift Communities are emerging across the globe! As part of this evolution - Paradigm Shift Central will be hosting broadcasted footage of the official Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meetings. 


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   Creation vs Evolution. An age old battle. Something came to me yesterday as I was talking with whom I feel is my guide, the one that I was led to in order to help me in my journey. We were talking about how we have gone through the stages of evolution. I mentioned that I didn't hold to the idea that "we humans" started as one cell amoebas in a primordial soup somewhere in a rainforest. Then it hit me. I had been looking at it all wrong. As possibly many have been missing the obvious. 

   Could it be that our bodies, the vessels that carry us to and fro, did in fact start that way? I think yes it is very possible and most likely that it did happen that way. But it wasn't until these vessels where at just the right vibration that the creator breathed our souls into them. And in a way that is what the book of Genesis says. Gen 2:7 Then the LORDGod formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.

Ascension A La Carte

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In this final stretch from August to December, or even prior for some, It's time to rethink your own Ascension in terms of what you WANT to experience vs what you are waiting to experience...click on the link to read more.


Telepathic communication and consciousness exploration.

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Telepathic communication and consciousness exploration.


One way of experiencing telepathic communication, is through thought. Another is through color.


Another is through feeling, or vibration. Another through breathing and allowing all that you are consciously going through to work it’s way through your system. This is allowing your consciousness to learn, grow and expand simply through breathing in your experience of being present. Emotion and emotional discomfort is another form of telepathic communication. Apart of taking it all in, are the visions, visuals both inner and outer. All the emotions,feelings,thoughts,fear, pain, discomfort, and all attempts to eliminate those feelings also, the complete and total dis identification with the self, and all that one goes through is another form of telepathic communication.


Another way of experiencing telepathy is consciousness exploration. You can refer to that experience like entering Dante’s Inferno, abandon all hope the moment you become willing to explore all that is within your psyche. If you are unwilling to abandon hope, you will be nurtured into being willing to abandon hope, via the nurturance of becoming aware of your higher self, your soul, stepping in your body hologram, gradually. You will encounter of the variations in which fear and pain appear as. This is the shapes shifting nature of the unconscious reactive controlling conflicted believing contradicting conditioned ego mind’s mimicking device, from every direction you can imagine. In turn all that I previously mentioned in the first paragraph about the telepathic experience, will be mimicked back at you, in an attempt to deter you from continually exploring your similiarly uniquely equal consciousness that is the love you are within your heart, where your unification with all life is found, thus experienced.



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Believing,believability,belief systems, are all egoic conditioned mind reactive unconscious deluded disidentification from the soul, living in identification with the conditioned unconscious reactive controlling superior,condescending ego mind. This activity of continually looking into these specific thought forms within , and words from others, as a support system to keep the conditioned ego mind’s control mechanism of needing conflict to stay in tact ,is the reason for all war. Not just war in the generalized sense of the word where two or more nations come together and use guns and bombs and spy drones to kill one another. I’m speaking of the war that takes place everywhere including the warzones that are found in the media’s talk about war. This kind of war I speak of, is the war in which the ego needs for it to stay in tact, yet what those who identify completely with the conditioned ego mind, is that they currently fail to realize that no matter how much they identify with the conditioned ego mind’s reactivity that keeps it in conflict with all life, including the soul within, is that this will not stop the being within everyone, from continually learning,growing and expanding from their experience of being.


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