Terminology/Explainations in depth

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Terminology/Explainations in depth

I think also a few points if i may:


Im seeing a bit of mixed information on a few matters of importance here.


Can we clarify a bit on the terminology here? Im hearing references to Indigo Children and now StarSeeds...are the two the same? Why the labels as a friend of mine asks?


Are there differing groups here, whether from different Organizations, as it were?


On the subject matter of the GFL, is there a update on information that needs to occur? Some of the info seems dated. I would think the humans here would like to know there are other inhabited systems other than just the lead council ones. Is there a reasoning in this or is this just something that got neglected and needs to be updated? I understand some of us are rather young as it were in comparison to the elder races in this.


I will explain this as Scott Bakula does in the latest ENTERPRISE TV series:

"Sure we have and will make mistakes. We are new at this, we need time, we will bumble and fall and really screw things up sometimes.But the important things here is that we move forwards and pick ourselves back up, get on that horse and try again until we get things right."


So, I understand why contact may be desired to be limited to the master races here, but by no means should it be limited to such. In the time the America has had to settle itself and peacefully assemble and operate, other worlds have come together, even so much as to be a part of the GFL. So its not as if this world isnt capable, it just for some reason hasnt gotten to the point yet of where it realizes its potential. I think interaction may help here.


Now onto the matter of communication for that to occur.

I realize that the technology here isnt yet up to our standards, the closest Ive seen is a modified HAM radio variant protocol that supports a live streaming capability. The protocol is rather new and high speed hardware usually not available or limited in production capability.

So, if video-phoning here is an option, I think it needs to be tried. I think some of you know what it means. The iPad eTablet is a great invention and I think we can make use of similar technology to assist us in communicating.


I have nothing against channeling if that is more comfortable. Sometimes putting a face to the other side helps a great deal. Maybe we can start this on a limited basis. Or maybe interaction is better for some of you. Just be aware that there are a few, and I mean FEW than can look after your safety down here if you choose to pay us a visit, regardless of what you look like.


The other subject that really gets to me is this religious assumption of holyness/worthyness as if being with us is a RIGHT, when it is a priviledge as most of you here know full well. The conquering by religion and bigotry alongside such has drawn many people into this limited view of how things work. The ' 'my GOD' is better than your god' attitudes affect day to day life, even in the family supportive Christian views. I find this tears down more than it brings up. The moral standards of several religions are a good starting point. Does religion help people right thier lives, Yes, in many ways, however, it also imposes a lot on others.


There is no reason any of us of Light or other star descent should be forced into living peacemeal, day-to-day, minute-by-minute on the streets. We should have a better support system that what this world offers.


I do not mean to rush any of you.Please, go at your own pace. The matter at hand is urgent, not critical. I have a roof over my head now. Take your time and do this right.some of us down here I believe are in greater need of support and help, whether in person or 'upstairs' as it were than others. There is a lot to be discussed and I encourage your efforts here. I just wish we had started sooner.


Thank you.

Lord Jazz

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